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Colonel of the Regiment

In the Royal Manticoran Army, Colonels (both in rank and appointment) were originally the owners and field commanders of infantry regiments, which evolved as tactical entities of what would later be described as battalion size (in other words, a grouping of infantry companies). These regiments were divided into three wings, with the Colonel, and his two deputies (Lieutenant-Colonel and Major) commanding them. When the regiment evolved as a single tactical formation of ten companies in the late 1600s and early 1700s, the Lieutenant Colonel became the real commanding officer on the battlefield, with the Colonel becoming more of a ceremonial and political position, whose power was cut even further by various reforms in the mid-1700s. Despite becoming a figurehead, the Colonel was usually one to have actually served in the regiment or had some other, historic, connection to it.

Multiple battalions did not evolve until the mid-1800s, and the "Colonel of the Regiment" evolved into the titular head of these entities, often compared to families. In the RMA these Regiments came to include several battalions of Reserve and Home Guard units, and expanded tremendously during the First Havenite War.

Some of the historic duties associated with the title "Colonel of the Regiment" (to distinguish it from the military rank of colonel) continue to be used in the modern RMA. When attending functions as "Colonel of the Regiment", the titleholder wears the regimental uniform with rank insignia of (full) colonel, regardless of their official rank. A member of the Royal Family is known as a "Royal Colonel".

The Colonel of the Regiment is an honorary ceremonial position and is an appointment rather than a rank. It is an honor conferred upon a senior officer (active or retired) who has, usually but not necessarily, served with the regiment in the past, and it requires the approval of the Marshal of the Army (MotA). It is similar to the position of Colonel of Marines mentioned in the Honor Harrington series, and affords those in our organization who have earned peerages in TRMN the opportunity to interact with and support the RMA in a unique way.

A Colonel of the Regiment acts as a sponsor to his army chapter and is kept informed of all happenings within the regiment which he sponsored and, if so requested by one or more of the upper level commanding officers. He or she will give advice on matters concerning the overall welfare of the regiment and its institutions. The Colonel of the Regiment is expected to take an active interest in promoting the welfare of his/her regiment, attending military policy conferences, ceremonies, and unit celebrations.

They are also expected to make regular visits to their adopted unit(s) whenever possible and participate with the unit as often as possible. The appointment ensures a continuing strand in the regiment’s esprit de corps, and it provides a channel of communication (formal and informal) with other elements of the army and with High Command.

A Colonel of the Regiment may be appointed for:

  • Each army chapter within the designated peerage lands of the appointee
  • Appointments as Colonel of the Regiment are usually restricted to Peers of the Realm who have served as officers of the Manticoran Armed Services and normally held the rank of colonel or above.

The tenure of appointment of a Colonel of the Regiment is normally for the life of the peer, or the peerage.

To request formation of a peer-adopted chapter, a peer should contact RMA High Command.The peer will choose to adopt a chapter already in existence or begin to form one with the permission and partnership of the new command triad.  A certificate outlining their chapter role and honorary rank will be returned once processed. 

If a Peer has adopted or established an actual RMA Army Chapter, that Peer is authorized to wear RMA awards on their RMA uniform or day jacket if they wish.

Chiron House

Under Development


We, believing that military service is an obligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities afforded the men and women of the Star Empire, for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens. Therefore, we do form this society and adopt this constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military branches of the Star Empire of Manticore and members of the Grand Alliance; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient soldiers, spacers and marines; to prepare ourselves as educated men and women to take a more active part and to have greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside; and above all to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our Empire and the Alliance.


We are dedicated to developing all current military personnel that emulate the five star qualities while fostering strong joint-service relationships. We plan to provide a dynamic platform that will enable our new and current military officers from different military branches the opportunity to continue their development while improving their joint service education and relationships.

The Monarch’s Own Regiment (Monarch’s Own)

The Monarch's Own Regiment is established as the Royal Manticoran Army's Special Forces assigned to protect the Royal Family. Soldiers assigned to the MO are handpicked from among the best RMA members who have gone above and beyond their normal duties. They should not only represent the four pillars of the Royal Manticoran Army (marksmanship, charity, academics, and event participation), but also be superb representatives towards branches outside the army.

The Monarch's Own, Unit Makeup

Representation in the MO shall not exceed more than 10% of ALL members of the Royal Manticoran Army combined. The combined strength of the Royal Manticoran Army, for the purposes of this order, shall be the number of total members shown in MEDUSA as of September 15th of the current year.

Monarch’s Own members have the option to wear the MO or the regular army blue uniform (enlisted and/or officer) for the rest of their membership within TRMN.

Nomination Process of Monarch's Own Soldiers

Nominations MUST be sent by a commissioned officer holding the billet of commanding officer of an RMA chapter, the King Roger I Military Academy, or a member of the High Command. Nominations from naval CO’s regarding RMA personnel serving their vessels will also be accepted. Eligibility requirements for each nominee include:

  • Nominee must have been a member of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association for at least one year
  • Nominee must be a current or previous member (living or deceased) of the Royal Manticoran Army branch and have served that branch for at least one full year

Ideal candidates include those who have made substantial, selfless contributions to both the RMA and TRMN. Activities witnessed can include anything from chapter leadership to protocols written, to scenario-based roleplay, to appearing in con minimum uniform and recruiting members for both the RMA and TRMN. Nomination should not include ONLY activities done, but the results of the activities.

The ideal nomination will have detailed information about the nominee and his or her specific contributions between the start of his or her membership up to September 15th of the current year and should include all dates of each action or contribution worthy of nomination. Nominations may also include letters of recommendation from other ranking officers (RMA or otherwise) that bore witness or were directly affected by those contributions.

The High Command shall convene at or around October 1st of every year to consider nominations received. This committee is made up of High Command members along with the honorary commanding officer of the Monarch’s Own. The committee may include 1-3 members (depending on availability) from any branch to advise the committee in their selections but have no voting power.

Committee members who are nominated may select someone else within TRMN to act as their proxy during consideration. The proxy may not share any details involving review with the prospective nominee. Once the review process is complete for those potential members, then the proxy is relieved of duty and the normal process can continue. Proxies must be chapter/fleet command triad members, BuTrain staff, or Admiralty House officials with personal knowledge of the applicant.

Please be advised that this committee shall render decisions based on the strength of the nomination for each nominee; it is therefore important that the nominations be as detailed as possible to provide said nominee with the best possible chance for selection and induction.

The incoming Monarch’s Own Class and their annual Commanding Officer shall be announced December 1st of every new year with a start date of January 1st. However, certificates shall be mailed to the individuals after announcements have been made.

If you should have any questions or require guidance on nominations, please contact mota@rma.trmn.org or deputy@rma.trmn.org, where the senior members of our staff will be happy to provide that information to you.