Army Directive 05-1401

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This Army Directive was RESCINDED by Army Directive 2201-04

Army Directive 05-1401 was issued 8 June 2014 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It establishes the Home Guard component of the RMA. In 2022, the Home Guard program was terminated under Army Directive 2201-04.

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Arm
From: Karstadt Sea
Re: The Home Guard (Army Directive 05-1401)

The Home Guard is the third component of the Royal Manticoran Army (Front Line, Ready Reserve, and Home Guard), that acts as a rapid mobilization force with a large number of citizen-soldiers located across their home world. Service is voluntary and unpaid, though members' loss of income from time taken off work, transport expenses and other basic expenses are covered. Workshop and depot staff plus clerks and senior officers are all paid.

Its top authority is the Home Guard Command, which is under dual management by a military General and a civilian (usually a member of parliament). In times of crisis and war the Planetary Command assumes command over the Home Guard.

Background and implementation

In the Beginning (1416 PD)
With its preformed Navy, there was little danger from pirates and therefore no need for a standing Army. So, a basic constabulary was formed to protect the colony from the usual dangers of civilization and unknowns of the planet.

After the Plague (1454 PD)
The need for more colonists (due to a recent plague) made it necessary to increase the size of the constabulary and eventually militia units were formed.

The Planetary Guard is born (1471 PD)
With the establishment of a Constitutional Monarchy, the standing militia units were converted into a larger organized format as Planetary Guard, where each planet in the Manticore system had its own to provide for disaster relief, peacekeeping, and planetary security. There was still no perceived need for a Kingdom-wide army.

Selected members of these Guard units were assigned to specifically protect the new Monarch and became the first unit of the Monarch’s Own Regiment.

The Royal Army is born (1648 PD)
Formally established by King Roger Winton II, the Royal Manticoran Army was the youngest of the Star Empire’s three military services. With the growing merchant fleet and responsibilities of the Royal Manticoran Navy in the years following the first transit of the Junction, the Star Kingdom began to look forward towards a military that was capable of force projection in addition to its historical role of system security and defense. The Royal Army was established as part of that initiative, merging the three Planetary Guard forces into a single service and starting a research and Star Empire of Manticore construction program to develop the equipment and doctrine to fight a major ground war if required.

The Home Guard is established (1649 PD)
With the merging of the three Planetary Guards, the idea of a Home Guard for each planet to provide the same duties as disaster relief, peacekeeping, and planetary security. On 17 May the Home Guard achieved official legal status when the Privy Council issued the Defense (Home Guard Volunteers) Order in Council, and orders were issued from the Marshal’s Office to the newly established regular RMA Planetary Command headquarters on the three home worlds explaining the status of Home Guard units; volunteers would be divided into regiments organized from regions and counties but would not be paid and leaders of units would not hold commissions or have the power to command regular forces. Any regional governor or county Lord-Lieutenant was authorized to call on the Guard at a moment’s notice.

The Home Guard Mission
Home Guard Soldiers serve both community and Kingdom. Their versatility enables them to respond to domestic emergencies, reconstruction missions and more. As members of their community, the Home Guard has close contact with civilian society. The enlisted and most officers are civilians on a daily basis, and there is also a formal contact with society through that every district has a council where the civil society organizations are represented. This cooperation is also on a world-wide basis.

'Main tasks'

  1. Protecting people and key community features, including:
    1. Force Protection
    2. Withdrawal / rollover of pre-stored material
    3. Visits and allied training
    4. Securing the infrastructure, key personnel and material
    5. Monitoring and Control
    6. Support civil society to natural disasters and accidents, as well as search for missing persons.
  2. Support for the regular military services and total defense in peace, crisis and war.

The Citizen-Soldier
The primary area of operation for each Guard Soldier is the local Region and County of their home world. While most able-bodied men and women volunteer for active duty in the three main services, many stay behind, either by choice or due to necessity of their civilian occupation.

Typically, Guard Soldiers live at home, where they can be near friends and family while holding a civilian job. Drill is scheduled just one weekend each month. Two-week Annual Training takes place once each year. Unlike their counterparts in the Ready Reserve, members of the Home Guard have no liability for off-planet service.

Organization within TRMN
The Home Guard organization is divided into districts, which again is divided into smaller units, typically covering a single County or Municipality. For purposes of TRMN, civilian membership in the United States will be subdivided into the regional “districts” (Northeastern, Atlantic, Great Lakes, Southeastern, Central, and Western). Other geographic subdivision in the case of international Civilian members will be determined as necessary.

Each of the Districts will be assigned Home Guard units numbered by state in the order they entered the Union. In our example of the Manticore Planetary Command (MPC); Northeastern District:

  • 5th Manticoran Regiment of Foote, Home Guard (Connecticut),
  • 6th Manticoran Regiment of Foote, Home Guard (Massachusetts),
  • 23rd Manticoran Regiment of Foote, Home Guard (Maine), etc.

For civilian members that want to “live” on Gryphon or Sphinx, then there would be the same numbering sequence, but different unit designation.

  • 5th Gryphon Mountain Guards Regiment, Home Guard (Connecticut), or
  • 5th Sphinxian Grenadier Guards Regiment, Home Guard (Connecticut), etc.

Where the number for the unit has already been assigned to a Peerage unit, the next number after 50 will be assigned. More descriptive names (see below) for the Home Guard units may be determined by the members and submitted by the Officer Commanding (OC) for approval by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (ODCSOPS).

Home Guard units of the Landed-Peers
Some of the Peers of the Realm have been appointed as “Colonel of the Regiment” for the Home Guard units within their peerage. These currently include:

  • 42nd Manticoran Regiment of Foote, Home Guard (New Mecklenburg Fusiliers)
  • 95th Manticoran Regiment of Foote, Home Guard (Westmarch Rifles)
  • 10th Gryphon Mountain Guards Regiment, Home Guard (New Arkhangelsk Snow Leopards)
  • 6th Sphinxian Grenadier Guards Regiment, Home Guard (Karstadt Sea Fencibles)

Home Guard units are responsible for maintenance and operation of the equipment transferred to them from Logistics. With the exception of MBTs and Stingships, Home Guard units have a level of equipment in vehicles and weapons similar to Front Line units. All services in the RMA have the same personal weapons and equipment.

The guidons designated for Home Guard units follow the standard RMA guidon dimensions: Swallow-tailed unit markers, having 20-inch hoist by a 27-inch fly, the swallow-tail end forked l0 inches. Guidons shall be made of bunting cloth or nylon. Design elements will appear on the opposite side as if printed through the material. Letters and numerals will read from left to right on each side of the guidon. The letters and numbers on guidons shall be 3 1/2 inches high. The RMA Emblem, consisting of a Crown centered and superimposed over a crossed Spear and Missile, shall appear proper on both sides.

Home guard lrg.png

For this Army Directive (and based on Admiralty Order 1312-01), a Civilian member may carry a secondary rank. To this end, Civilian members that join the Home Guard may it a designation similar to the RMA(R) but would carry the RMA(HG) designation. Rank levels may to be equal, but they may not always be. Required coursework in the KR1MA and TIG will apply as usual for promotional purposes.

ENLISTING Citizens of the Star Kingdom of Manticore interested in enlisted in the Home Guard of their world should contact Major John Stump, ODCSPER ([]) for more information on joining a local regiment.

Citizen-soldiers joining a local regiment should contact Captain Heather Selbe, ODCSOPS ([]) to be added to the roster.

In Honor of the Queen!

YMH&OS I remain,

Issued by:
Lord Sir Rbt. J Jackson, KDE, MM
Marshal of the Army, RMA
The Right Honorable Baron of Karstadt Sea
King William's Tower, Landing

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