Naval Directive 17JA-04

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Naval Directive 17JA-04 was issued 5 January 2017 under the authority of the First Space Lord. This directive amplifies Admiralty Order 1612-02 on the selection of flagships by flag officers.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, and all Officers and Enlisted in all Allied Navies
From: John Roberts, Fleet Admiral of the Red
Re: Flag Officers and Flagships/Embarked Flag Officers (ND 17JA-04)

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, I hereby Order that, effective immediately, the following clarification and guidance is issued as it relates to Admiralty Order 1612-02 (Selection of Flagships):

Since AO1612-02 allows only one Flag Officer to select any given ship as their Flagship, there may be conflicts with multiple Flag Officers desiring a single ship for their Flag. In these cases, Positional Seniority will supercede rank seniority in these situations.

Positional Seniority is set as follows (in order from highest to lowest): the Sovereign, the Prime Minister, the First Lord of the Admiralty, the First Space Lord, any other Royal Council Member (Seniority of which is determined by the current succession AO), the Fleet Commander, any other Space Lord in seniority by Space Lord posting (2SL outranks 3SL and other SLs for these purposes), Task Force, Squadron, Task Group, Division, Task Element, Ship (Flag Officer with no other posting).

Additionally, since the intent was to get Flag Officers to participate with local chapters and help “show the flag,” it is important to also state that:

While Deputy Space Lords and other staff Flag Officers, technically, cannot select a flagship under AO1612-02, they are encouraged to select a local ship to participate with and may be listed as “Embarked Flag Officers” on their chosen ship. By becoming an Embarked Flag Officer, they will be permitted to participate with the ship they select for purposes of challenges and other activities and will be considered a part of that ship’s crew, but will not count against that ship’s officer to enlisted ratio as set forth in AO 1511-02.

This order made under my hand will be effective 0001 hours 05-JAN-17

In Honour of the Queen!

" "
Issued by:
Lord Sir John Roberts, GCE, SC, OR
Fleet Admiral of the Red
First Space Lord
First Earl, New Mecklenberg

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