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A task group is defined as an echelon unit that is formed by disparate ship hull types in operational proximity to each other. They are to provide support to each other and fulfill the missions assigned by higher command. According to Admiralty Order 1510-02, Note #5:

"Ships in a geographical cluster of 6-9 [hours] Driving time will be designated a Task Group, regardless of ship types the senior Commanding Officer will be designed the Task Unit Leader, but Promotion or Brevet is neither guaranteed or required."

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Types of Echelon Units of the Royal Manticoran Navy
Top Level: Fleet - Station

Task Echelon: Task Force - Task Group - Task Detachment - Task Unit

Squadrons: Squadron - Division

LAC units: LAC Group - LAC Wing - LAC Flight

The Task Groups of the Royal Manticoran Navy
2nd 21.1 - 21.2
6th 61.1 - 61.9
10th 91.1 - 94.1