Naval Directive 14JL-03

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Naval Directive 14JL-03 was issued 23 July 2014 under the authority of the First Space Lord. It defines authority to promote and fill billets.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy
From: Fleet Admiral of the Green, Lord Sir Scott Akers, KSK, KDE, KCR, SC, First Space Lord, Earl, New Arkhangelsk
Re: Promotion Authority & Billeting Authority (Naval Directive 14JL-03)

The Royal Manticoran Navy while based on the works of David Weber’s Honoroverse Novels, is also a chapter based organization. While the International Organization has set guidelines for promotions, specifically Time In Grade, Course Completion, and having an actual billet for the promotion candidate, it is the chapter’s commander that will promote or nominate a candidate to the promotion boards, and assign the candidate to a new rank and billet.

Higher Echelons: Group/Division, Force/Squadron, Fleet and even Admiralty House itself cannot interfere with this process, excepting the extreme case where a chapter commander fails to promote a qualified candidate after time-in-grade has been exceeded by 100%. This action will only occur with consultation of BuPers by the higher authority attempting to rectify the situation.

Higher Echelons: Group/Division, Force/Squadron, Fleet and Admiralty House may promote and assign personnel to their staffs but are advised to consult with the chapter commanders those personnel are assigned to first, to avoid disrupting the operations of those chapters.

Higher Echelons: Group/Division, Force/Squadron, Fleet and Admiralty House MAY NOT interfere with the chapter assignment and internal chapter billeting at any time, but can only advice the chapter commander of the availability of personnel for promotions and billeting. The final decision of what chapter a member wants to be associated is with the member. The final decision of what billet a member has on that chapter is the chapter commander.

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, I hereby state that the above will be the policy of the Royal Manticoran Navy, effective 23-JUL-14.

In Honour of the Queen!

Issued by:
Admiral Lord Sir Scott Akers, KSK, KDE, KCR, SC
First Space Lord
Fleet Admiral
Earl, New Arkhangelsk

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