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Corps Directive 04-1611 was issued 21 November 2016 under the authority of the Marshal of the Corps. This directive establishs revised/updated policies regarding Fleet Marine Force corpsmen. It also supersedes Corps Directive 03-1401.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
From: Marshal of the Corps Sean Niemeyer, Commandant of the RMMC
Re: Fleet Marine Force Corpsmen (Corps Directive 04-1611)

This order supersedes Corps Directive 03-1401.

One of the most important individuals in any MARDET is the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Corpsman. Whether they were assigned or crazy enough to volunteer, they serve on the front lines with any MARDET providing aid and comfort to their wounded comrades with the knowledge that they live and die with the unit they are attached to. FMF Corpsmen are an integral part to any MARDET therefore as of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, I hereby establish the following policies and procedures regarding FMF Corpsmen in the RMMC.

FMF Corpsmen are in a unique position as that while they serve with MARDETs on the front lines, they themselves are not marines; they are in fact enlisted naval personnel. Therefore FMF Corpsmen DO NOT count towards the minimums needed for the various RMMC echelon sizes nor do they appear on the roster for the unit. FMF Corpsmen, however, DO count towards the crew compliment of any ship that they are on. When aboard ship, FMF Corpsman performs watches in sickbay like any other hospital corpsman and report directly to the senior medical officer. However when on a mission with the MARDET FMF Corpsman follow the RMMC chain of command. FMF Corpsman also trains with their MARDET and also attend all MARDET briefings.

FMF Corpsmen may be assigned to a section, but no more than one (1) may be assigned to any one section at a time. For units for squad size or larger the rule shall be one (1) corpsman per squad.

Levels and Requirements
Because of the unique nature of the FMF Corpsman, more training is involved in becoming one. Currently, there are three levels of FMF Corpsman, each with its own training and grade requirement. Those requirements are;

  1. Level 1: This is the most basic of FMF Corpsman who accompanies most units in the field. This individual must take and pass A and C levels of SIA-SRN-23 Corpsman as well as A and C levels of SIA-SRMC-07 Rifleman. The minimum rank for this level is E-01.
  2. Level 2: This is the next level of FMF Corpsman. This Corpsman is trained to accompany Assault unit in the field. In addition to the courses required for a Level 1 FMF Corpsman, this individual must take and pass A and C levels of SIA-SRMC-05 Assault Marine. The minimum rank for this level is E-04
  3. Level 3: This is the last level for FMF Corpsman. This Corpsman is trained to accompany Recon units in the field. In addition to the courses required for a Level 1 and Level 2 FMF Corpsman, this individual must take and pass A and C levels of SIA-SRMC-06 Recon Marine. The minimum rank for this level is E-06.

Once a corpsman has completed the basic coursework they may contact the RMMC liaison at Saganami Island and request to be recognized as a member of the Fleet Marine Force (FMF). If they have indeed completed the required coursework then the RMMC liaison will inform them that they may place the designator (FMF) after his or her rate and/or rating; for example HM3 John Doe, RMN, having completed the qualifications, is identified as HM3 (FMF) John Doe, RMN. If a corpsman decides to leave the FMF then that individual may not use the (FMF) designator.

Uniforms Corpsmen are authorized to wear all RMN uniforms as they are naval personnel. Naval personnel who have obtained Fleet Marine Force Corpsmen certification may or may not be assigned to an MARDET. The uniforms worn by FMF Corpsmen are determined on whether they are assigned to a marine unit or not.

1. Corpsmen who have been assigned to serve with marine units are authorized to wear RMMC combat, working, service undress, and service dress uniforms if they so choose to. Corpsmen when wearing RMMC uniforms must follow RMMC uniform policies and procedures and are authorized to and/or have the following restrictions:
a.Wear the green beret of the RMMC. Green berets worn by corpsmen shall have the RMN beret flash affixed and not the RMMC flash.
b.Rank insignia on uniforms shall be RMN type devices and/or patches.
c.Instead of the regimental patch worn by RMMC personnel, FMF Corpsmen shall wear their rating badge.
2. Corpsmen who have NOT been assigned to serve with marine units are only authorized to wear only the green beret of the RMMC as prescribed above and may only do so with their Naval uniform. They may NOT wear the whole FMF Corpsmen uniform as prescribed above in item 1.

At no time are Corpsmen authorized to wear the RMMC Dress uniforms.

The above effective 21-NOV-16.

In Honour of the Queen!

" "
Issued by:
Marshal of the Corps
Lord Sir Sean Niemeyer, KSK, KDE, KCR, GS
Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
Duke, New Ulyanovsk

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