Civilian Corps

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The Civilian Corps represents those members of the diplomatic corps and the Special Intelligence Service serving whilst remaining civilians, and is a branch option for members of TRMN. Led by the Home Secretary, a Royal Council member, the Civilian Corps is officially Manticoran in structure, though represents civilians from all nations. Civilian members are spread across ships and fleets throughout the service. Although independent bodies, they also work closely with both Houses of Parliament.


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The Civilian Corps also has an honor society that inducts members each year for services to the Civilian life, this society is called the Privy Council after the traditional body found in many parliamentary systems.

The Civilian Corps have two qualifications that are broadly equivalent to the military Space Warfare Pin. These are collectively called the Civilian Pin.

List of Home Secretaries

No. Name Assumed Relieved
1 Sir James Friedline, First Earl Neu Odenwaldkreis 09 July 2017 Incumbent

Office of the Home Secretary

Office of the Home Secretary Directives

See Office of the Home Secretary Directives