BuShips Directive 2303-02

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BuShips Directive 2303-02 was issued on 19 March 2023 by the Third Space Lord. This directive enters two ships onto the List of Honor.

Order Text

To: The Royal Manticoran Navy, and the Grand Alliance
From: VADM Calabasas, GCE, KDR, MC
Re: BuShip Directive 2303-02, List of Honor Award, Calendar Year 2022

19th Day, 3rd Month, Year 310 AL

Ladies and Gentleman of the Grand Alliance,

After careful consideration of submissions, supporting documentation and chapter reports of submitting chapters, the selection committee for the List of Honor has made a decision.

The List of Honor is the most prestigious award that a ship within the Royal Manticoran Navy can achieve. It signifies a concerted team effort towards a goal, of which benefits TRMN as a whole. The committee looks at much more than simply the submission which is sent to us. When a chapter submits a bid for the List of Honor, we take a look at things like chapter reports, forum activity, and if available after-action reports and supporting letters from surrounding leadership.

To date, only five chapters have been selected to be added to the List of Honor. Today, it is my pleasure to announce, albeit an extremely rare occasion, the addition of a sixth and seventh chapter to the List of Honor.

Attention to orders:

Commander Lisa Wiedemann;

HMS Vixen (DD-174), has performed her duties in a manner above and beyond the call of duty. What’s even more impressive is that she has done this two years in a row. The officers and crew of HMS Vixen continually support nearby chapters in the region, and in an impressive feat to continually strive to provide assistance and camaraderie on on the heels of an international pandemic. Their efforts have showcased TRMN’s dedication to international support, able to organize an event collecting a full container’s worth of clothing for Ukrainian refugees residing in Poland. Despite this effort, they were also able to serve their local community by collecting several large bins of books for young children. These are just a couple of multiple examples of how the officers and crew of HMS Vixen’s steadfast service, exhibiting esprit-de-corps, humility, and professionalism that comes with the honor of being named as a Ship of The List. HMS Vixen brings great credit upon herself, Second Fleet, and The Royal Manticoran Navy.

Commander Michael Panter;

HMS Peregrine (DD-1291), continually leads by example on what it means to be a TRMN chapter. The crew of HMS Peregrine continually volunteers and fundraises in their local region. Their planning and dedication have led to nearly $30,000 of fundraising, with HMS Peregrine collecting roughly 75% themselves, supporting food banks, humanitarian aid, and medical research, to name a few. They have also provided a venue for other chapters in the region to participate in, such as movie nights (MST3k Style) and virtual meet-ups for chapters across the organization, which is crucial in the times of a post-pandemic state. These self-initiated tasks are just a couple of examples on how HMS Peregrine has made an impact on the organization, showcasing what it takes to be competitive for a Ship of The List. HMS Peregrine brings great credit upon herself, First Fleet, and The Royal Manticoran Navy.

It is rare that even one ship, let alone two, make the List of Honor in a selection period. With the addition of these two chapters, only seven have been chosen in the 16 year history of our organization. Any chapter considered goes through rigorous vetting, to include chapter reports, after action reports, and combing through events and outcomes on platforms such as Facebook.

Since it is the highest chapter award, the committee looks for things the chapters performed as a whole, rather than individual accomplishments.

This year's selection was a difficult one, and the Herculean efforts portrayed by both chapters this year lead the committee to look into last year, where we saw the same zeal and selfless service to the local, regional, and world communities.

All crew that were part of both chapters in 2022 are allowed to wear the List of Honor ribbon with gold border and scroll.

Additionally, both HMS Vixen and HMS Peregrine’s ship crests will be given the gold rope border, signifying to any passing vessel the distinction of their enrollment on the List of Honor.

Congratulations HMS Vixen and HMS Peregrine, this award was hard earned, and well deserved.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Elizabeth III,

Issued by:
Christopher Thompson, GCE, KDR, MC, OC, SC, NS
Vice Admiral of the Red, RMN
Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships
The Right Honorable, The Baron Calabasas



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