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This Army Directive was SUPERSEDED by Army Directive 2111-05

Army Directive 2105-02 was issued 10 May 2021 under the authority of the Royal Manticoran Army Chief of Staff. It updated the qualifications for the Combat Infantry Badge. This order supersedes Army Directive 1806-02.

Order Text[1]

Updated 2001.0125 Qualifications to Earn the RMA Combat Infantry Badge
The RMA Combat Infantry Badge is issued in acknowledgement of active participation across TRMN for a ground combat action. In Canon it is for the participation in ground combat action, having been under direct hostile fire as either a Soldier of the RMA or attached in support of the RMA. (Participation in the RMA, is either joint operations at a convention or other activity mentioned in dispatches or donation of $25.00 to an RMA BuSup project.) In junction you must complete at least 5 points in each of the 4 pillars of the RMA for a total of 20 points for Combat Infantry Badge RMA 4 Pillars are accounted in points resulted in the below Pillar and requirement.

1. Marksmanship- Current Grand Alliance Marksmanship Manual is available for download at Example 50 games will result in 5.5 points and the marksman level.

2. Charity- charity is Big Cat rescue working a BC event will get you 2 points per day. Donating $25.00 to TRMN will automatically earn you 5 points, an approve charity event will get you 1 point per day working at least 4 hours. Example 2 days of working BC table equal 4 points. You can also combine Charities Example BC table 1 day plus approve charity 3 days equals 5 points.

3. Academy- Attending the Army KR1MA and completing courses will earn you .5 points per course. Example 4 RMA academy courses equal 2 point. Non-RMA Academy has to be a course similar to RMA Example RMMC Enlisted and NCO courses or any air course, technical course that is similar to RMA courses equal .25 per course Example 4 basic RMMC enlisted courses equals 1 point.

4. Event Participation- By earning a Prisoner of War Medal, Silesian Reconstruction and Observation Medal,[2] or Havenite War Campaign Medal you can earn 3 points per. Earning the other branches equivalent Silesian Anti-Piracy Medal you earn 1 point per. You must participate and be in con min to earn these.

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  1. This order was posted to the Army Directives page on the TRMN Forum without a header or "issued by" footer.
  2. Silesian Peacekeeping and Observation Medal