Army Directive 08-1303 UPDATED

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Army Directive 08-1303 UPDATED was issued 02 October 2013 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It updates the reporting requirements and process.

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Arm
From: Karstadt Sea
Re: Reporting (Army Directive 08-1303) - UPDATED

Based on the aforementioned Army Directive, effective 1 October 2013 reporting within the RMA will become mandatory for all Ground Installations and Unit Formations.

Furthermore as stated in the Directive, any reporting policies and procedures not covered by said Army Directive - up to and including actions for failing to report is the responsibility of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff - Operations. As that billet is currently unfilled, these responsibilities fall upon my office to enact. Based on that, the following items will be addressed:

1. A reporting time table that allows for timely reporting. With the activation of this Directive, effective 1 October 2013, the reporting time table for reporting to the ODCSOPS will be the 15th of each month for the preceding month to the highest position available within the Chain of Command as stated in the Directive.

2. A report form to be used by units for reporting. A Monthly Installation Report form has been created and circulated to the appropriate Bivouac NCOs.

ODCSOPS may make changes to any of the preceding items at any time, however any changes must be first approved by the Marshal of the Army and publicly announced, if possible, at least 1 month prior to their installment.

As the final reporting date was not specified prior to the effective date, the 15th of the Month date will be effective 15 November 2013. However, a monthly report will be due (to this office) by all Bivouac NCOs prior to the end of October.

In Honour of the Queen!

Issued by:
Lord Sir Rbt. J Jackson, KDE, MM
Marshal of the Army, RMA
First Baron, Karstadt Sea
King William's Tower, Landing

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