Army Directive 07-1303

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Army Directive 07-1303 was issued 23 July 2013 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It sets out the RMA's policies and instructions for the use of guidons.

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Army
From: Robert J. Jackson, KCE; Marshal of the Army RMA
Re: RMA Guidons (Army Directive, 07-1303)

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, I hereby establish the following guidelines regarding guidons in the Royal Manticoran Army in order to help identify the various units and to help further esprit de corps;

An organizational guidon is a designated detachment marker for echelons lower than the Battalion level. This consists of Companies, detachments, separate platoons and equivalent size units. Guidons are considered optional equipment and as such are not required for units or organizations within the RMA. Guidons may either be manufactured by the units themselves or purchased.

If an Army unit has chosen to either create or purchase a guidon then the following rules shall apply;

  • An organizational guidon will be carried on all occasions of ceremony in which a unit participates,
  • In organizational guidon will be carried at drills, on marches, or other service when prescribed by the commanding officer of the organization.
  • An organizational guidon shall not be used in such a manner that it brings discredit upon the Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. or any of its subordinate divisions.

Royal Manticoran Army guidons are swallow-tailed unit markers, having 20-inch hoist by a 27-inch fly, the swallow-tail end forked l0 inches. Guidons shall be made of bunting cloth or nylon. Design elements will appear on the opposite side as if printed through the material. Letters and numerals will read from left to right on each side of the guidon. The letters and numbers on guidons shall be 3 1/2 inches high. The RMA Emblem, consisting of a Crown centered and superimposed over a crossed Spear and Missile, shall appear proper on both sides. The only exception to this shall be if the Unit is affiliated with the Monarch’s Own Regiment, whereupon the sigil of the monarch shall be placed behind the Crown but in front of the crossed Spear and Missile. This symbol shall be 12 inches high by 12 inches wide.

Guidon colors are authorized in accordance with the unit’s affiliation as follows:

AD 07-1303 Figure 1.jpg

Figure 1: Ground Sky Blue Letters - Dark Blue background

AD 07-1303 Figure 2.jpg

Figure 2: Aerospace Sky Blue Letters - Dark Blue background/Top - Sky Blue background/Bottom

AD 07-1303 Figure 3.jpg

Figure 3: Queen's Own Regiment Dark Blue letters - Red/Maroon background - Gold

Guidons shall indicate the unit’s regimental affiliation, centered above and between the RMA emblem and the top edge of the guidon. Regimental affiliations may be abbreviated in order to fit the space allowed, however abbreviations must be approved by the unit CO.

Guidons shall indicate the unit’s next higher echelon centered between the RMA emblem and the leading edge of the guidon. Battalions are typically numbered. Companies are typically lettered unless designated.

Guidons shall indicate the unit’s designation centered below and between the RMA emblem and the bottom edge of the guidon.

AD 07-1303 Figure 4.jpg

Figure 4: Measurements

Streamers: Unit awards may be represented by streamers attached as component parts of the guidon. Streamers are attached below the spearhead of the flag staff. An RMA unit authorized a guidon will display each unit decoration by a streamer on the guidon staff. Streamers on guidons are placed immediately below the spearhead. The only size streamer authorized for use with guidons measure one and three-eighth inch hoist by a two-foot fly for display of unit decorations or awards. Letters and numerals required for inscriptions on streamers will be 5/8 inches high.

Streamers will be the same colors as the corresponding unit decoration ribbon. The appropriate inscription, as determined by the Awarding Authority will be embroidered on the streamer. For most awards, this will be the date of the award. A separate streamer will be furnished for each award.

AD 07-1303 Figure 5.jpg

Figure 5: Streamer examples

In Honor of the Queen!

Issued by:
Lord Sir Rbt. J Jackson, KCE
Marshal of the Army, RMA
Baron, Karstadt Sea
King William’s Tower, Landing

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