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Admiralty Order 1801-05 was issued 20 February 2018 by the First Lord of the Admiralty. This order awards the new years honors for 2018.

Order Text

To: All Officers, Enlisted and Civilians in The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.
From: Martin Lessem, KSK, GCR, GCE, DSO, CGM, GS, Admiral of the Fleet, First Lord of the Admiralty, Duke, New Scania
Re: New Year’s Honors List (Admiralty Order 1801-05)

From the Office of the First Lord of the Admiralty

Osterman Cross

Chris Roche

While acting as Bosun aboard Siren as well as the Zilwicki Chris has always been willing and able to work as hard as needed for the good of the ship. For my entire stint as Captain aboard HMS Siren, Chris has been performed his duties beyond the scope that was required of him. He also stepped up to the duties of XO, while not formally recognized as the XO of Siren, he has been more of an XO to me then my actual XO. He also has been a truly amazing individual in helping me get the handle of being a CO. While being patient and willing again to do all he can in the good of not only the ship but the whole of 8th fleet, I wish this to be parting gift as he leaves the position as Bosun aboard Siren and I shall truly miss him in this position. For these reasons I nominate him for either the Osterman or the Manticore Cross. As he performed not only his duties as bosun but the duties of XO well and beyond the call of duty.

This award is for Chris’s time as an Enlisted member.

Distinguished Service Order

Ken O’Dell

He joined BuTrain in 2013 and has graded more exams than anyone else in BuTrain (over 1,700). For much of 2014, Chief O’Dell was the only instructor for RMN enlisted courses and as such an entire generation of students was influenced by his efforts. As Enlisted instructor and CSMCPO, he was the face of TRMN for many members as they took their rank exams and began their careers in TRMN. The enlisted program of the Saganami Island Naval Academy is daunting to administer as it contains the first exams RMN students experience when they join TRMN so the volume is high and a new member’s opinion of TRMN is often formed by the interaction with their RMN enlisted instructors. For most of his time in BuTrain, Chief O’Dell was the Saganami Island Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Instructor, teaching the E-8, E-9, and E-10 courses required for enlisted RMN personnel who want to advance past Chief Petty Officer. In addition to teaching these courses, he has also been the Saganami Island Technical Specialties College Missile Instructor, he covered for the Beam Weapons Instructor for 4 months while she was on sabbatical. He has served BuTrain in the highest capacity.

Senior Master Chief Gunner’s Mate O’Dell played a large role in making BuTrain what it is today. The consistently outstanding performance, dedication to TRMN, and professionalism exhibited by Chief O’Dell since 2013 reflect great credit upon himself, the Bureau of Training, and the Royal Manticoran Navy and warrant issuance of the Distinguished Service Order.

Gryphon Star

David Reustle

During the recently concluded Toys for Tots efforts by the HMS Anasazi, David was present for all 7 days of the drive from start to finish (a total of 41 hours). He not only assisted me at every drive, but also help transport and deliver toys collected to collection points, helped with set up and tear down every morning and afternoon, and was willing to do anything asked at any time to help ensure the drive was successful.

Thanks to David's efforts and assistance, this year's drive was the best we have ever had in my 17 years or organizing and coordinating these drives: over $8000 in toys and more than $600 in cash for the local food bank. this drive would not have been anywhere near as successful without his faithful and tireless support over the three weekends of the effort.

From the Office of the First Space Lord

Distinguished Gallantry Cross

Jack Clemens

For rendering aid and assistance on multiple occasions during the ship and fleet events at DragonCon. “For rendering first aid during the Cruxshadows Concert at DragonCon, 2017. On Sept. 4, 2017 during the Cruxshadows concert, Gefraiter Jack Clemons of the SMS Scharnhorst immediately responded to assist a concert guest who had suffered a diabetic emergency, and was convulsing due to low blood glucose levels. Clemons received essential medical information from the guests companions, evacuated the victim from the stage area and rendered first aid: making the victim comfortable, protecting from further injury due to the seizure, and treating for shock.

This is not the first time Gefraiter Clemons has rendered aid at a ship event or even at a Cruxshadows concert. Clemons has had to prevent an inebriated concertgoer from injuring self or others on at least 3 occasions that I have witnessed, and has rendered first aid during the concert and Bar Fly Central hospitality suite (Ship Wardroom) events on at least two other occasions in addition to the 2017 event.

Order of Gallantry

Dale Imbleau

While serving as Commanding Officer of BatCruDiv 962 and HMS Black Rose, Captain Imbleau has made great efforts towards healing rifts between Science Fiction Fandom Organizations. To that end, he has been working on the concept of a Nexus Summit at OryCon since OryCon 37, culminating in this year's first NExus Summit, bringing together TRMN, SFI Region 5, Colonial Defense Forces, 501st Cloud City Garrison, and the Mandalorian Mercenaries in the spirit of friendship and mutual support.

Michael Malotte

For his dedicated service as Commanding Officer of HMSS Greenwich in working to find activities and promote chapter formation amongst the members assigned to the RMN’s holding chapter as well as his dedicated work as Chief of Staff to the First Space Lord.

Zach Perkins

For his long term and dedicated service Staff Intelligence Officer for the Office of the First Space Lord and overall creation and coordination of the Black Sphinx Challenge system during his tenure.

Gryphon Star

Johnathan Perkins-Woeck

For acting as a member of Green Room staff at OryCon, assisting LT Davis and 2LT Coonradt in the running of the room. In addition, he worked long hours in setup, including ten hours on his knees laying carpet protection for the con in all hospitality and green room spaces, Like the other members of the Green Room staff his good attitude and helpful demeanor was an asset to the convention and to TRMN's reputation.

Wound Stripe

Ursula Day

On 10 November, WO2 Day was cleaning up after the TRMN Room Party at WindyCon when she tripped and fell, opening a wound on her head that was deemed to require stitches. Due to extenuating circumstances, stitches were not feasible, and a butterfly closure and bandaging were applied. WO2 Day proceeded to perform her duties as Steward the following night, as well as assisting in the teardown of the room. Both tasks were performed to her usual exceptional level.

Queen’s Bravery Medal

Thomas Coonradt

SMCPON Coonradt found his niche as Green Room Staff helping panelists, handling panelist check in, doing food prep, etc. On Saturday Night at the first ever Nexus Summit he acted as head of ceremonies (Appropriate for the TRMN's senior Bosun), and joyfully acted as the Auctioneer for the Charity Auction which raised over $500 (To be split between Big Cat Rescue and the event fund for the next Nexus Summit).

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Issued by:
Martin Lessem, KSK, GCR, GCE, DSO, CGM, GS
Admiral of the Fleet, RMN
First Lord of the Admiralty
Duke, New Scania


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