Admiralty Order 1604-03

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Admiralty Order 1604-03 was issued April 26th, 2016 by the First Lord of the Admiralty. This order gives new requirements for con minimum uniform in The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc..

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Marine Corps and Army
From: Martin Lessem, KSK, GCE, KCR, DSO, GS, First Lord of the Admiralty, Admiral of the Fleet, Duke, New Scania
Re: Recruiting/Convention Table Minimum Dress Code (Admiralty Order 1604-03)

This Admiralty Order rescinds and replaces Admiralty Order 1202-04.

As of the date of this Order, 26-APR-16, any person manning a Recruiting Table, or representing TRMN on a panel as one of the panel hosts or moderators at a Convention, shall be required to meet at least this minimum dress code.

1 – Shirt: This should be either a TRMN “Do It With Honor” shirt available from our spreadshirt store, the TRMN Polo Shirt available through our Queensboro store, any TRMN related shirt available through Final Sword, or any Honorverse related shirt available through Words of Weber. This also includes any solid color polo, preferably black, with a TRMN Rampant Manticore or Logo patch attached, and any shirt provided by an approved vendor such as Sonja Wolfe

2a – Pants: Jeans, khaki or black pants are preferred, however, any business casual style pants are acceptable provided they are not ripped or torn. Black BDU pants are acceptable, but the other styles are preferred.

2b – Skirt: A plain skirt may be worn in lieu of pants, however, a kilt is not an appropriate option.

2c – Leggings: Plain (i.e. no patterns) leggings may be worn in lieu of pants, however, pants or a skirt are preferred

3 – Shoes: Any shoes are acceptable, although when possible, no sandals.

4 – Day Jacket: A black, zip up jacket, of the type made by C-9 or Kirkwood, is acceptable to wear in the following fashion:
Enlisted: Rank Stripes, Rating Patch, Chapter Patch on the left sleeve; Rampant Manticore on the right sleeve; Qualification Badge (i.e. ESWP or wings) on left chest.
Officers: Chapter Patch on the left sleeve; Rampant Manticore on the right sleeve; Qualification Badge (i.e. SWP or wings) on left chest; Collar insignia on the collar.

A Day Jacket with anything else on it should not be used for Official Recruiting or representing functions, but may be used for Chapter events or Fleet outings.

5 – Cover: The beret is the preferred headgear, although if your service has a different headgear you may wear that in lieu of the beret. Chapter ballcaps are also permitted, although again, the beret is preferred when possible

Should you have any questions regarding this, please contact to Office of the First Lord of the Admiralty.

In Honour of the Queen!

Issued by:
Martin Lessem, KSK, GCE, KCR, DSO, GS
Admiral of the Fleet, RMN
First Lord of the Admiralty
Duke, New Scania


  • Q: "Is "Words of Weber" a reference to Weber Universal Outfitters or is it another source? I'm not familiar with a Words of Weber and didn't have any luck googling it."
  • A: First Lord of the Admiralty - "Yes"[1]
  • Q: "Are name tapes (cloth) intentionally omitted here? Don't they go with the overall working uniform style of minimal devices?"
  • A: First Lord of the Admiralty - "Yes, they are intentionally omitted here."[2]
  • Q: "...I'm guessing if wearing the day jacket the RMN shirt rule still applies?"
  • A: First Lord of the Admiralty - "If the jacket is zipped closed, then no, but if worn open, then yes."[3]

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