Admiralty Order 0801-01

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Admiralty Order 0801-01 was issued in January, 2008 by the First Lord of the Admiralty and establishes the policy on dual memberships (TRMN and other organizations).

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Marine Corps and Army
From: Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Martin A. Lessem, JD, First Lord of the Admiralty, Duke of New Scania
Re: Dual Membership (Admiralty Order 0801-01)

The Royal Manticoran Navy/ Marine Corps/ Army does not discourage membership with other Science Fiction Fan Groups.

This holds true for every group with two exceptions, having to do with conduct.

  • If the group is openly hostile toward the RMN/RMMC/RMA, we will ask that you choose which you prefer to be a member of. We do not need disruptive elements destroying the fun of the RP we will have in Second Life, or the fun of hanging with friends we will have outside of our computers.
  • If a member shares any of the Documents listed in The Official Secrets Act (Admiralty Order 0801-02) they will be removed from membership of the RMN/RMMC/RMA in favor of their other group.

With these two exceptions, there are no restrictions on membership with the RMN/RMMC/RMA. An Age Restriction on Command Level Positions will follow in Admiralty Order 0801-03.

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Issued by:
Admiral Lord Martin A. Lessem, JD
Admiral of the Fleet, Duke of New Scania
First Lord of the Admiralty

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