Home Office Directive 025-22

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Home Office Directive 025-22 was issued 19 October 2022 by the Office of the Home Secretary.

Directive Text

To: All Civilian Departments, all Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Saganami Island Academy Faculty, Facility and Staff of Landing and Mannheim Universities, and all Allied Forces
From: James Friedline, KSK, GCGL, KDE, SC, DGC, OCN, CBM

Home Secretary, Duke Neu Odenwaldkries

Re: HOD 025-22 Additional Third Quarter Awards

In recognition of Outstanding Service to The Civil Corps and The Office of the Home Secretary, I do hereby make the following awards:

Fleet Manager Peter Gold represented the Royal Manticoran Navy in the World of Warships King Of The Sea (KOTS) Tournament, an international tournament held semi-annually. The team practiced together, and made it past the qualifying groups. The team displayed tactical and strategic skill, and played well together
In recognition of his service he is awarded Merchant Marine Achievement Medal.

Senior Embassy Attaché Karolyn Morgan (C-16 - Diplomatic) has distinguished herself in the position of Deputy Consul - Specter. Her energy and experience has helped was directly responsible for the start of our chapter. This energy has continued to help us build and grow. However, I make this nomination specifically for her contributions to the recent charity project our Consulate held for Mission to Seafarers. Our chapter members knit woolen hats that would be given to professional seafarers in need. Senior Attaché Morgan's contribution will offer some help to people in need. For that effort on her part she is awarded the Superior Service Medal.

Consular Attaché Debi Dreese-Hoch (C-11 - Diplomatic) has been an invaluable member of the Consulate staff since our posting. Her work is an exemplar of service to both the unit, branch, and Kingdom, as shown by previous awards she has received. This nomination is specifically for her hard work in our Consulate charity event for Mission to Seafarers, Not only did she contribute knit hats herself, she also was our collection person, taking the work product of all members. She then packaged and shipped the hats to the Mission. For this work that is clearly over and above expectations, she is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (Civilian).

Analyst Jennifer Young (C-2 - Diplomatic) has contributed much to the success of the Consulate as we began our posting. Her energy and ideas have helped establish the culture of the consulate in its formative weeks and months. For that contribution she is awarded the Crown Achievement Medal

Senior Clerk Katheryne Johnson (C-3 - Diplomatic) helped us establish the culture of our Consulate as we began our posting. Her ideas and energy were important in establishing what has become our "regular order" with regards to our day to day functions. For this she is awarded the Crown Achievement Medal.

Civilian One Kayte Ray (C1 - Diplomatic) has contributed time and energy in helping establish the culture of our Consulate as we begin our posting. Her ideas have helped us establish what we hope will become part of our annual Holiday observance. For this she is awarded the Crown Achievement Medal.

In Honor of the Empress

Issued by:
James Friedline. KSK, GCGL, KDE, SC, DGC, OCN, CBM
Home Secretary
First Duke Neu Odenwaldkreis

Issued by:
Wayne Bruns, GCE, OM, KDGL, MC, PMDSA, KR, PC
Deputy Home Secretary
First Earl Cappanarrow

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