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Name Richard A. Matheny
Birthdate [REDACTED]
Location Minnesota
Email Click Here
Marital Status Married
Occupation CO of HMS Invincible
Rank Captain (SG), RMN

CAPTSG Sir Richard A. Matheny, KDE, KR, SC, NS, CGM, RMN is an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy. He is a contributor for the TRMN Wiki Team.

TRMN Career

Captain (SG) Sir Richard Matheny is currently the Commanding Officer of the HMS Invincible and the News Director for the Bureau of Communications' News Department. Previously, he was the Commanding Officer of the GNS Covington and the GNS Glory, as well as the Staff Communications Officer for the First Space Lord.

He is a Knight Commander in the Order of Queen Elizabeth, a Knight in the Order of King Roger, a recipient of the Saganami Cross and the Armsman's Cross with Crossed Swords, and a Cum Laude Member of the Ellen D'Orville Honor Society.

Biographical Summary

Captain (SG) Sir Richard Matheny first applied to The Royal Manticoran Navy in August 2017. He graduated from the Senior Enlisted School at Saganami Island Naval Academy in January 2018. He began attending the Officer Training Center training shortly after, and graduated from the Senior Officer School in May of 2018. He is currently attending the Naval War College. He was inducted as a Cum Laude Member of the Ellen D'Orville Honor Society in June 2018.

Captain (SG) Matheny's first assignment with the RMN was in support of the Grayson Space Navy onboard the GNS Glory (CLAC-09). He was assigned as Personnel Chief, and eventually was given the opportunity to serve as the Commanding Officer on 26 May 2018. He was relieved by Captain David Sanders on 10 September 2018 and assumed command of the GNS Covington (CLAC-01) immediately after as part of a command trade between the two officers.

Captain (SG) Matheny relocated to Minnesota in Autumn 2019, and requested relief from his command as he would no longer be able to attend chapter functions. At the same time, he was offered the billet of Commanding Officer for the HMS Invincible (SD-455), which he accepted. He relieved Captain (SG) Jamey Salsberg on 19 October 2019, and currently still holds this command.

Planetside, Captain (SG) Matheny has served as the Staff Communications Officer for the First Space Lord. He was appointed to the position on 3 April 2018 and promoted to Chief Petty Officer as part of the appointment. Captain (SG) Matheny was relieved from this position on 01 Jul 2021, and was assigned to the Bureau of Communications as the Wiki Director. In August of 2021, Captain(SG) Matheny requested a leave of absence for personal reasons, and resumed his duties with BuComm in January of 2022 as the News Director. Captain(SG) Matheny often serves as a consultant for the Office of Member Services in the Bureau of Personnel, where he assists with video editing for various video projects. He has previously assisted the Medusa Development Team as a business analyst, where his primary duty was to write software specifications as requested by the development team.

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