San Martino Fleet Order 1910-08

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San Martino Fleet Order 1910-08 was issued 08 October 2019 by RADM Sir Michael Romero. This order declared an Admiralty house event.

Order Text

To: All Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians in Third Fleet
From: Rear Admiral of the Red Sir Michael Romero, OC, KR, SC, OG, RMN
Re: EVENT DECLARATION (San Martino Fleet Order 1910-08)

Attention all Personnel:

The Fitzgerald Steading Days (consisting of gaming events, award ceremony, and formal dinner) scheduled for 2 and 3 November in Salem, SC is hereby declared an Admiralty House event given the attendance of the Prime Minister of Manticore and Grand Duchess Montana. As such, those members participating may qualify for the HAVENITE WAR CAMPAIGN MEDAL.

Full details on the event can be found at:

Issued by:
Michael Romero, OC, KR, SC, OG
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer
Third Fleet (San Martino)


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