Meritorious Unit Award

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Meritorious Unit Award
32 - Meritorious Unit Award.png
Authority: Unit commanding officers down to the squadron or battalion level.
Frequency: Once per Unit Level per Calender Year.
Branches: GSN

The Meritorious Unit Award (abbrev. MUA) is awarded when a single unit of a group performs exceptionally well on behalf of the Grayson Space Navy. No canonical references exist for recipients.

The equivalent Royal Manticoran Navy award is the Royal Meritorious Unit Citation.

TRMN Information

This award is issued to a single (one) chapter or unit in each group for performance above and beyond as compared to the other units in their group.

How to Obtain

FLEET - A Fleet Commander can award this to one of the Task Forces or Task Groups under their Command.

SQUADRON / TASK GROUP - Squadron commanding officer or task group commanding officer can award this to one of the ships under their command.

GSN – The First Space Lord can award this to either a Squadron, Task Group, or a Fleet under their Command.

SPACE LORDS – Space Lords must submit their request to the First Lord of the Admiralty for issuances to their Commands.

Recipients of this Award

A full list of members is coming soon.