Manticoran Enhanced Data Usability Service Architecture

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For the chapter named Medusa, see: HMS Medusa

The Manticoran Enhanced Data Usability Service Architecture (abbrev: MEDUSA) is a database project overseen by the Bureau of Personnel. The project aims to provide a central repository of membership data for the The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., including branches, bureaus, chapters, fleets, and echelons.


The MEDUSA project started in early September of 2014.

Project Staff

Dave Weiner - Principal Developer
Erik Plossl
Rob Marshall
Douglas Needham
Rick Matheny

HMS Tartarus

HMS Tartarus is the code name for the list within the database of members who have been banned.


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Updates to MEDUSA Personnel Records: PD-5SL-1001

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