Armsman's Cross in Gold

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Armsman's Cross in Gold
14 - Armsmans Cross in Gold.png
Authority: High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy.
Frequency: Once per Year per Member Maximum.
Branches: GSN

The Armsman's Cross in Gold is an award given for gallantry in the Grayson Space Navy. No canonical references exist for recipients.

TRMN Information

This is the second lowest award for gallantry and is awarded only to ;;non-commissioned officer]]s and enlisted spacers in the Grayson Space Navy.

How to Obtain

The criteria for this award is exceptional service to the Grayson Space Navy in general, either by demonstrating consistently outstanding performance over time, or by performing a particular task or service to a high standard of excellence, but not enough to qualify for the Armsman's Cross with Crossed Swords.

Recipients of this Award

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