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A regiment is a military unit used in The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN) by the Royal Manticoran Army and the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps.

In canon, a regiment is made up of one or more battalions, and can consist of several thousand personnel.

Royal Manticoran Army

All RMA personnel belong either to a regiment or a corps. RMA chapters have regiment names.[1] For Atmospheric Command units, a Wing is the equivalent to ground force regiments.

A regiment of the largest type of single-chapter RMA unit in TRMN. Its required minimum complement is:[2]

17+ Soldiers
CO: Colonel (O-6)
XO: Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)
NCOIC: Regimental Sergeant Major (E-10)

A regimental chapter may have up to five Attached Elements (smaller chapters).

RMA regiments

Royal Manticoran Marine Corps

Each RMMC Expeditionary Force consists of one or more marine regiments. Each regiment may be formed of Marine Detachments from multiple ships. The senior regiment for each expeditionary force is as follows:[3]

Force Regiment Name
1st "The Manticore Guard Regiment" aka Manticore Guards
2nd "The Gryphon Highlander Regiment" aka Gryphon Highlanders
3rd "The Montanero Regiment"
4th "The New Covenant Regiment"
6th "Tannerman Rifle Regiment" aka Tannerman Rifles
8th "The Medusa Regiment"
10th "The Lynx Regiment"

RMMC Regiments

London Point

  • The Sovereign's Regiment
  • The Fusiliers Regiment
  • London Point Training Regiment
  • The Commando Regiment

1st Expeditionary Force

  • 1RGT “The Manticore Guards”
  • 21RGT "The Fenris Regiment"

2nd Expeditionary Force

  • 2RGT “The Gryphon Highlanders”
  • 22RGT “The Gorgon Regiment”

3rd Expeditionary Force

  • 3RGT “The Montanero Regiment”

4th Expeditionary Force

  • The New Covenant Regiment

5th Expeditionary Force

  • 5RGT "Royal Adrienne's Regiment"

6th Expeditionary Force

  • 6RGT “Tannerman Rifle Regiment”
  • 26RGT "The Phoenix Regiment"

7th Expeditionary Force

  • 7RGT "The Gregor Regiment"

8th Expeditionary Force

  • 8RGT “The Medusa Regiment”

10th Expeditionary Force

  • 10RGT “The Lynx Regiment (The Grand Dukes Own)”
  • 15RGT “The Talbott Rifles”
  • 20RGT “The Oldham Regiment”
  • 33RGT “The Scarlet Regiment”
  • 95RGT “The Dresden Regiment”
  • "The Banta Regiment" (MARDET Eardsidh Kamerling)

13th Expeditionary Force

  • 13REGT "The Manticore Lions Regiment"

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