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This template is for use on Echelon force pages, such as for a squadron, task element, task unit, task echelon, task group, or task force. Divisions with no reporting Squadron are eligible for separate pages, otherwise please use the Squadron page to organize any Division within.


| crest       = 
| flash       = 
| co          = 
| flagship    = 
| ao          = 
| formed      = 
| status      = 
| reportsto   =
| fleet       =
| website     =
| image2      = 
| altimage    = 


Parameters in bold are required fields. Not bold = optional.

Parameter Explanation
crest The crest image of the echelon force. If no crest exists, then [[File:RMNFlash.png]] will automatically be used.
flash The shoulder flash image of the echelon force.
co The rank and name of the commanding officer. Please limit to RANK NAME, BRANCH (eg: CDRE Lady Honor Harrington, RMN). You will need to manually link to the rank and/or branch page when you type in this part.
flagship The name and HCN of the flagship for this echelon force. Please use the {{hms|Shipname|SD-000}} for this part, to make it a clickable link.
ao The echelon's Area of Operations. Example: '''US''': MN (Twin Cities)
formed The date of initial formation, in the format of DD MON YYYY (ie: 01 APR 2015). Please use the date of the first formation of the unit, even if the unit has been reactivated later. Add information about the dissolution and reactivation in the History section of the article.
status What is the current status of this echelon? Is it Active or Defunct?
reportsto This echelon may report to a larger echelon force, e.g. a Task Group reporting to a Task Force. Type in the full name of the larger force, and it will be [[linked]] automatically.
fleet Which fleet does this echelon force belong to? Will be [[linked]] automatically.
website Type in the exact URL to any home page that this force has, even if it is a single page on a fleet's website. Will be [[linked]] automatically.
image2 / altimage Second or third image relevant to the echelon (optional).

Example when done

| crest       = 
| flash       = BatRon2.png
| co          = [[CDRE]] Sir Joseph Harney
| flagship    = {{hms|Revenge|SD-317}}
| ao          = '''US''': CA (Northern CA, Central Valleys)
| formed      = 03 SEP 2016
| status      = Active
| reportsto   = Task Group 91.1
| fleet       = Tenth Fleet
| website     = http://BatRon2.org