Protector’s Order 2111-00

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Protector’s Order 2111-00 is the number assigned to an Announcement made on the TRMN Forums issued 06 November 2021 by the High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy. It outlines awards to Escort Division 06.

Order Text

Let it be known that the following have showed great effort in participation and support of Escort Division 06 and its individual ships. They have all uplifted their ships and helped to forward the Division and have met this Test and are hereby awarded the Grayson Military Achievement Medal.

Maria Alva, PO1c - HMS Duke of Cromarty
Katie Barnette, Ens - HMS Ruben James
Clayton Brown, Sp1C - HMS Duke of Cromarty
Rayanne McClellan-Staubly, CPO - HMS Saladin
Shirley Pittman-Eskew, Sp1C - HMS Saladin

In Service to the Tester and the Protector,

Issued by:
James Jones
High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy
"May we all meet our Test when it is given!"

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