Protector’s Order 1912-001

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Protector’s Order 1912-001 was issued 21 December 2019 by the High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy. It outlines the induction of new members to The Protector's Own.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Grayson Space Navy and all Allied Navies
From: High Admiral Angela Sanders, GSN
Re: Induction of Protector's Own Class of 2019 (Protector’s Order 1912-001)

In honor of the Birthday Celebration of His Grace Benjamin Bernard Jason Mayhew IX, Protector of Grayson, the following individuals, having been nominated by their peers and leaders of the Grand Alliance for standing to their Test with exceptional service to the Grayson Space Navy, and TRMN as a whole, above and beyond their call of duty and voted on by a panel of Members of the Protector’s Own for said standards of excellence, are to be inducted into the Protector's Own. They are listed below, alphabetically.

• CPT Christopher Bayonet, GSN (GNS Hector Ferelli, Grayson Home (4th) Fleet) Executive Officer, GNS Hector Ferelli
• SMCPO Sarah Hamilton, GSN (HMS Hawk, Manticoran Home (1st) Fleet), Command Senior Master Chief, Bureau of Personnel
• CPO Rayanne McClellan-Staubly, GSN (HMS Saladin, San Martino (3rd) Fleet)
• CPT Jamison Silinksy, GSN (GNS Covington, San Martino (3rd) Fleet), Commanding Officer, GNS Covington
• SMCPO William Underhill, GSN (GNS Albion, Grayson Home (4th) Fleet), Special Projects, Office of the SMCPON
• Clerk Amy Wagstaff-Weston, CIV (GNS Albion, Grayson Home (4th) Fleet), MP, House of Commons
• LCDR Rowan Wagstaff-Weston, GSN (GNS Albion, Grayson Home (4th) Fleet), Commanding Officer, GNS Albion

Their induction is effective as of 0000 EST on 2019 December 21.

Congratulations to all of you for rising, meeting and exceeding your Test, and thereby being an example for others.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Grayson, the Keys, the Sword, and the Tester!

Issued by:
High Admiral Angela Sanders
High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy
“Always a way forward.”

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