Protector's Order 2101-000

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Protector’s Order 2101-000 is the number assigned to an Announcement made on the Grayson Space Navy Facebook page issued 13 January 2021 by the High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy. It outlines the appointment of a Chief of Staff for the Office of the High Admiral.

Order Text

Unto member of the Grayson Space Navy, allies personnel, and the populace of Grayson. This past year has been a trial for all members of society, no matter how humble, ambitious, or diligent. We have all seen and have been given our Tests over the year, and many have seen and passed their test, while others have found their way hampered and in need of help. We have striven to help each other as well as we can. I would like to thank the staff of the Office of the High Admiral, and their work over the last year. There have been many trials and tribulations with the past year of separation and pandemic, and the challenges that have occurred have been overwhelming. Specifically, I would like to bring special attention to Colonel Dave Cleric, RMMC, who has served as Chief of Staff for the OHA for the past couple of years. To him, I would like to award the Sword's Cross with Crossed Swords as a testament to and recognition of his work. With a new administration, however, changes need to be made and people given new tasks and reevaluation of the paths that are taken. Moving forwards, I would name Captain Tammy Schoonover to the post of Chief of Staff for the Office of the High Admiral. I would also announce her promotion, with my consultation with BuPers, to the rank of Commodore. Her tasks will be multiple, and to the Chief goes the staff, and there will be some changes and realignments in the close future. In service to the Tester, the Protector, the Keys, and the populace,

Issued by:
James Jones
High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy
GSN Command, Austin City

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