Naval Directive 17MAR-01

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Naval Directive 17MAR-01 was issued 21 March 2017 under the authority of the First Space Lord.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, all Officers and Enlisted in the Grayson Space Navy, and all Members of the Grand Alliance
From: John Roberts, Fleet Admiral of the Red
Re: Guidance for Light Attacks Craft Crews, LAC Echelons & Commanders (ND 17MAR-01)

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, on behalf of Protector Benjamin IX and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore, Elizabeth III, I hereby set forth the following guidance and responsibilities for wearing of Shoulder Patches by LAC Crews and to guidance for the authority and responsibilities of LACs echelons and their Commanders.

Since LACs are independent Commands in the RMN, the issue of what should patch the crews of these chapters is an issue. A LAC crew may wear the shoulder patch of the CLAC their wing number is taken from (i.e., LAC Wing 29 COULD wear the shoulder patch for HMS Specter, CLAC-29), even though they are NOT assigned as crewmembers of that ship or they may wear the numbered fleet shoulder patch on their uniforms. The choice is up to the members, but the crews of each LAC should wear the same patch and not have members wearing a combination of patches.

Admiralty Order 1602-06 sets for the basic command structure for Light Attack Craft which is unique as LACs are not Hyper Capable units, but are considered to a “full chapter” within the RMN.

LACs are organized into Flights (2-3 LACs) and Wings (any LACS which are “assigned” to a CLAC. If a Fleet has a CLAC active and operational, it is suggested that all LACS in the fleet be assigned to that (or another active CLAC) within the Fleet for organizational and role play purposes. If there is no CLAC assigned to a given fleet, the LACs in that fleet should be organized into Flights and then into a LAC Group as set forth in the AO.

For organizational purposes, AO 1602-06 is good. However, the AO is lacking in how Command and award issuing authority is handled, thus, it fails to help create a “sense of community” among the LACs in a fleet. In order to help rectify this situation, this Naval Directive will set forth the Command and Award authority for LAC leaders (LAC CO, flight leaders, Wing Commanders (AKA COLAC for a CLAC), Group Commanders, and Fleet COLACs).

LAC Flight Leaders: Usually the senior LAC Commander in that flight of 2-3 LACs. These persons shall have no additional command or award authority as a result of being named the LAC Flight Leader. This role does NOT count as an additional “hat” as set forth in AO 1602-02.

LAC Wing Leaders: Usually (canonically) the Senior LAC Commander assigned to a CLAC and supervises two or more LAC Flights. However, since this person is the CO of an independent chapter and NOT actually assigned to a CLAC as a member of its crew, this becomes a bit more complicated. As a result of LACs being independent commands within the RMN a LAC Wing Leader shall have the additional command and award authority as if they were a Division CO for hyper capable units, regardless of the number of LACs in the Wing they supervise. This role does NOT count as an additional “hat” as set forth in AO 1602-02.

LAC Group Leaders: these are the equal of the Wing Leaders, set forth, above, and shall have equal authority.

Fleet COLAC: This is a Fleet level position and is required if the Fleet has at least two LACs active. This person supervises all LACs in the Fleet regardless of assignment to a Flight, Wing or Group, just as the Fleet CO is responsible to supervise all Chapters within a Fleet. The best analogy to hyper capable unit echelons would be that of a Squadron CO. As such a Fleet COLAC shall have the same responsibility for leadership and supervision of LACs as a Squadron CO and the same authority for issuance of awards a Squadron CO. For purposes of AO 1602-02, this role shall count as one-half of a “hat.”

This order made under my hand will be effective 0001 hours 21-MAR-17

In Honour of the Queen!

Issued by:
Lord Sir John Roberts, GCE, SC, OR, CGM, CBM
Fleet Admiral of the Red
First Space Lord
First Earl, New Mecklenberg



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