Naval Directive 16MAY-01

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Naval Directive 16MAY-01 was issued 3 May 2016 under the authority of the First Space Lord. This directive establishes Task Force 61.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, and all Officers and Enlisted in the Grayson Space Navy
From: John Roberts, Admiral of the Green
Re: Establishment of Task Force 61 and Appointment of Commanders (ND 16MAY-01)

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, I hereby establish the Organization of the Task Force 61 (TF 61) under the command of Commodore Brett Price to consist of the following echelons with the leaders as designated:

Due to the above postings, it is necessary to name a new Commander for CLAC Division 611:

The new CO for CLAC Division 611 is Captain, j.g. James Kerr

In addition I do hereby direct all officers herein named to take charge of their commands and proceed to their assigned patrol area and protect the lives and property of Manticoran citizens therein, In addition you will fulfill any other duties as may be assigned by the Sixth Fleet Commander, his Deputies and the First Space Lord, this order made under my hand will be effective 0001 hours 3-May-16

Finally, Commodore Brett Price is hereby breveted to the rank of Commodore, effective immediately.

In Honour of the Queen!

Issued by:
Lord Sir John Roberts, KDE, SC
Admiral of the Green
First Space Lord (Acting)
Earl, New Mecklenberg


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