Home Office Directive 014-20

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Home Office Directive 014-20 was issued 30th August 2020 by the Office of the Home Secretary.

Directive Text

To: All Civilian Departments, and all Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Saganami Island Academy Faculty, and all Allied Forces
From: James H Friedline, KSK, KDGL, KCE, SC

Home Secretary, Earl Neu Odenwaldkries

Re: Mid-Summer Civilian Awards

For their extraordinary service that went above and beyond, the following members are hereby awarded:

Civilian Award: Foreign Ministers Award [17] Equivalent to the Saganami Cross

Max Cameron KDE, KDE, DGC, OR, OG (DIP) RMN-4734-17

The consistently outstanding performance, dedication to TRMN, and professionalism exhibited by Sir Max Cameron KDE over the last 12 months in SKUS and 24 months in SIA TSC reflect great credit upon themselves, the Bureau of Training, and the Royal Manticoran Navy and warrant issuance of the FMA.

Civilian Award: Officer, Most Eminent Order of the Golden Lion [19]

Lady Dame Doreen Gunkel, KSK, KE, MGL, Baroness White Lion (Civil Dip) RMN-2602-16

For outstanding, selfless and tireless service in supporting her local community in their dire hour of need which has brought great credit to her Chapter and the Royal Manticorian Navy.

Effective this Date the 30th August 2020

In Service to the Empress

Issued by:
James H Friedline, KSK, KDGL, KCE, SC
Home Secretary,
Earl Neu Odenwaldkries