HMS Claymore Ship's Order 1702-08

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HMS Claymore Ship Order 1702-08 was issued 08 February 2017 under the authority of HMS Claymore Commanding Officer. It issues awards for service conducted at the Tempe Library Comicon.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Grand Alliance.
From: CAPT (JG) Marcus Johnston, OC, CGM, Commanding Officer, HMS Claymore
Re: HMS Claymore Ship Order 1708-23

For actions performed on 28 January 2017 at the Tempe Library Comicon, under my authority as Commanding Officer, HMS Claymore (BC-618), I issue the following awards:


Chief Boatswain’s Mate Rose Davies, CBM, RMN, helped man the recruiting table at the event and ensured that the table was well supplied during the entirety of the event. She was well skilled in her recruiting efforts, proving herself a master recruiter, representing the Fleet with honor and distinction. Serving the entire day without complaint and little relief, she is worthy to be Mentioned in Dispatches.


Lieutenant Colonel George Farmer, QBM, RMMC, and Master Sergeant Courtney Farmer, RMMC, travelled a long distance to be at the event, bringing up a large amount of equipment, including the canopy and chairs, which made the recruiting table bearable during the long, hot sunny day. Not only that, but these marines ensured that the needs of guests participating in the scavenger hunt, which our crew participated in this year, were fully addressed. Serving the entire day without complaint and little relief, they are worthy to be awarded the Marine Achievement Medal.

On behalf of Rear Admiral of the Red Sir Dan Brandow, KDE, OG, CGM, in his authority as Commanding Officer, Eighth Fleet, I issue the following award:


Lieutenant Commander Michael Naron, MSM, RMN, distinguished himself at the event by ensuring the beauty and comfort of the recruiting table. On his own initiative and expense, Naron printed and laminated dozens of TRMN posters and images to decorate our booth, bought side panels to the canopy to display them correctly, and made sure to get approval before displaying them. He was also brilliant in his recruiting efforts, proving himself a master recruiter and displayed his knowledge of the Honorverse well, representing the Fleet with honor and distinction. Serving the entire day without complaint and little relief, he is worthy to be awarded the Navy Commendation Decoration.

The Tradition Lives!

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Issued by:
Marcus Johnston, OC, CGM
Captain (JG), RMN
Commanding Officer, HMS Claymore (BC-618)

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