Corps Directive 01-1407

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Corps Directive 01-1407 was issued 04 July 2014 under the authority of the Marshal of the Corps. It upgrades the MARDET of HMS Invincible to a battalion.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
From: Marshal Sean Niemeyer, Marshal of the Corps
Re: Deployment of First Battalion, MARDET Invincible (Corps Directive 01-1407)

As the Corps grows various units are formed and grow. One unit in particular has grown particularly fast, that unit being MARDET Invincible. It has consistently grown time and time again. Today I am pleased to announce that MARDET invincible has become the first unit to reach Battalion strength. Therefore effective as of 0001 Hours on 04 JUL 2014, it is my pleasure to announce that MARDET Invincible of HMS Invincible, CAPT (SG) Sir William Lochen, OC, KE, NS commanding, has been authorized to upgrade from Alpha Company to 1st Battalion.

In order to fill the proper billets the following persons are breveted in rank:
Harvey Guillet to 2nd Lieutenant
Kevin Muramatsu to Master Sergeant
Anjila Olsen to Sergeant

The Battalion shall be billeted as follows:

Alpha Company
Company Commander/1st Platoon CO: Colonel Bryar Nelson, ME
Executive Officer/2nd Platoon CO: Colonel Sonja Wolf

1st Platoon, Alpha Company
MSGT Kevin Muramatsu
LCPL Greg Grandprey
PVT Jesse Richards
PVT Cincinnatus Vanderbales
PVT Stephen Katzenberger
PVT William Harrison

2nd Platoon, Alpha Company
SGT Patrick Baker
CPL Mark Burge
PVT Michael Englehorn
PVT Chris Olsen
PVT Rin Schwartz

Bravo Company
Company Commander/1st Platoon CO: Colonel John Debnam
Executive Officer/2nd Platoon CO: 2nd Lieutenant Harvey Guillet

1st Platoon, Bravo Company
CPL Anjila Olsen
PVT Keighvin Lee
PVT Jody Wurl
PVT Ann Totusek
PVT Kelley James

2nd Platoon, Bravo Company
SGT Daniel Van Liere
PVT Neal Axton
PVT Scotty Roberts
PVT Randal Eckart
PVT Josh Hermanson

In Honour of the Queen!

Issued by:
Marshal of the Corps
Lord Sir Sean Niemeyer, KCR, KDE, GS
Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
First Earl, New Ulyanovsk

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