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Imperial Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie
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PAMA Fredrick the Great School of Naval Exception
PAMA Admiral Scheer College of Naval Leadership
Junior Officer School
Senior Officer School
PAMA Gustav I Command College of Space Warfare
PAMA Sun-Tzu Academy of Military Philosophy
PAMA Tsingtao College of Naval Specialization

Starting with the early Chinese philosophers, the creation of strong leadership skills was essential to the formation of any military organization but also the development of a man. IAN places an emphasis on leadership so that the Empire can create its personnel into the defenders of the Empire that they were born to be. To accomplish this, our enlisted are introduced to the ideas of leadership and basic supervision skills, because no one truly knows when they will be called to lead. The education continues with ship and fleet management and then deeper exploration into one’s leadership ability. The goal is for every graduate to be worthy of the traditions and teachings of Sun-Tzu and Bismarck.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Introduction to Supervising PAMA-IAN-0011 PAMA-IAN-0001
Introduction to Leadership PAMA-IAN-0012 PAMA-IAN-0011
Divisional Leadership Course PAMA-IAN-0111 PAMA-IAN-0012
Departmental Leadership Course PAMA-IAN-0112 PAMA-IAN-0111
Fleet Management Course PAMA-IAN-1111 PAMA-IAN-0112
Flag Leadership Course PAMA-IAN-1112 PAMA-IAN-1111