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Imperial Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie
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PAMA Fredrick the Great School of Naval Exception
PAMA Admiral Scheer College of Naval Leadership
Junior Officer School
Senior Officer School
PAMA Gustav I Command College of Space Warfare
PAMA Sun-Tzu Academy of Military Philosophy
PAMA Tsingtao College of Naval Specialization

In the tradition of the fearless Founder Gustav I Anderman, this great college strives to produce the next leaders of our Navy. The education is a fusion of Chinese military philosophy with the discipline of the German military applied to naval strategy and fleet management. This unique program allows the heritage of the Andermani people to be combined with The Founder’s leadership ability to create some of the best military minds in the galaxy.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Flotillenadmiral Course PAMA-IAN-1001 PAMA-IAN-0106
Konteradmiral Course PAMA-IAN-1002 PAMA-IAN-1001
Vizeadmiral Course PAMA-IAN-1003 PAMA-IAN-1002
Großadmiral Course PAMA-IAN-1004 PAMA-IAN-1003
Großadmiral der Flotte Course PAMA-IAN-1005 PAMA-IAN-1004