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Imperial Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie
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PAMA Fredrick the Great School of Naval Exception
PAMA Admiral Scheer College of Naval Leadership
Junior Officer School
Senior Officer School
PAMA Gustav I Command College of Space Warfare
PAMA Sun-Tzu Academy of Military Philosophy
PAMA Tsingtao College of Naval Specialization

In this campus, prospective officers learn everything they need to know to lead a department, command a ship or command a fleet. The Officer Corps of the IAN are taught differently than other naval counterparts: Courses are not based around specific events in the Honorverse but on members who have been influential upon the conduct of Naval combat. Students should be aware that reading on certain crucial persons in history is strongly encouraged prior to the request of IAN Officer courses. A breakdown of the specific individuals can be requested from our Officer Instructors.

Junior Officer School

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Leutnant der Sterne Course PAMA-IAN-0101 PAMA-IAN-0004
Oberleutnant der Sterne Course PAMA-IAN-0102 PAMA-IAN-0101
Kapitänleutnant Course PAMA-IAN-0103 PAMA-IAN-0102

Senior Officer School

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Korvettenkapitän Course PAMA-IAN-0104 PAMA-IAN-0103
Fregattenkapitän Course PAMA-IAN-0105 PAMA-IAN-0104
Kapitän der Sterne Course PAMA-IAN-0106 PAMA-IAN-0105