BuSup Directive 1905-12

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BuSup Directive 1905-12 was issued 12 May 2019 under the authority of the Seventh Space Lord. It explains the position of BuSup with regards to TRMN related item production.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, Royal Manticoran Army and all members of the Grand Alliance
From: RADM, Heidi Nelson
Re: Production of TRMN Related items - BuSup (Supply Directive 1905-12)

It has come to my attention that there is a need for some clarification for production of all items that are related to The Royal Manticoran Navy and its components. My goal is to clarify the expectations and responsibilities we have as the Bureau of Supply and the responsibility you help protect as members of the official fan club for David Weber’s Honorverse.

First of all, when in doubt, ask! Our office is always available and someone will help if you email staff@busup.trmn.org. Consult with the Bureau of Supply first before you plan to make anything related to TRMN or the Honorverse. No matter if it goes on the uniforms, a t-shirt, jackets, hats, coins etc. No matter the type of artwork (as long as it’s related to the TRMN and its related components). You must ask for approval.

Why you ask?

Three reasons:

First, to protect the Intellectual property (IP) of David Weber, BuNine, and TRMN.

Secondly, to cover yourself in case you are questioned to ensure you have permission to use the artwork. As the authority in our club to release items to be made by vendors, we can help get things made and possibly direct you towards a vetted vendor. We might even save money and time!

Lastly, in cases where something may be made as a “fund-raising” item or crowd sourced, we have to be careful in case any “profits” are made. There has to be a paper trail to make sure that fund raising effort proceeds go to the right place.

In cases where we find TRMN members/non-members making/producing something without permission that is the IP of the Weber’s, we are required to report them to the people responsible for that IP. In the case where it is an item that is TRMN IP without permission, we will deal with the situation on a case by case bases through the JAG office, Admiralty house, or if absolutely necessary, legal means.

We understand that previously, individual members were allowed to make things for personal use. But due to issues with items being made without permission from Busup, Bucomm, or other authorities, we now need to put this extra step in place. We have a responsibility to present a uniform, and concise appearance per our marketing and per our agreements with the Weber’s (BuNine).

If you previously had something made, and it is now available for purchase in the store, it must pass the standard of what has been made. If there are variations in spacing (rank), size and/or color, they must be replaced so we can maintain our overall appearance. We do understand it is not always feasible or affordable to replace items right away, but it should be a goal to do so as soon as possible. In cases that there is a financial difficulty, please contact us at busup@trmn.org and we will see what we can do.

This does not include things like sleeve lace or pant color stripes as those things did not start out with a standard. But things like the enlisted rank of the Grayson’s, which switched from loose stripes to one patch, should be replaced as you can. There are also things out there that were not sanctioned to be made. If you have one of those items, or are unsure about an item, please contact us. This does not mean you have to quit wearing it, we just need to review to make sure it will “work” with everything else that is already made.

If you ever have any questions/concerns about the items produced, please contact cos@busup.trmn.org. We always appreciate any feedback on the items we have made. We cannot make corrections and police our vendors if we don’t know there is a problem!

To sum things up, we want everyone to enjoy their cosplay in this universe we all love! We simply need to all follow these guidelines so we can maintain our official status. The Bureau of Supply has the responsibility to maintain the standard that we are given and protect the Intellectual Property of those that have entrusted us with it. It is also our mission to maintain quality while not sacrificing affordability and access.

Thank you all for your understanding and help !!

Issued by:
Rear Admiral of the Green Heidi Nelson MC, SC, OG, CGM, GS, QBM
Seventh Space Lord
Bureau of Supply

External Reference

BuSup Directive 1905-12 is published in The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association Forum