BuSup Directive 1701-02

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This BuSup Directive is now INACTIVE
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BuSup Directive 1701-02 was issued 02 January 2017 under the authority of the Seventh Space Lord. It details the production of, and the rules for wearing, the TRMN Tenth Anniversary Patches.

Order Text

To: All Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians within the Star Kingdom of Manticore, as well as those Allied with Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen, Elizabeth III.
From: CDRE Sir Zachary White, KDE, MC, OG, MR, Deputy Seventh Space Lord
Re: Tenth Anniversary Patches

Attention to Orders:

1. For the Tenth Anniversary of The Royal Manticoran Navy, The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, a special logo has been developed. It appears as the standard circular seal presently used by TRMN, but the outer ring is a deep purple gradient. The rampant manticore is replaced by the rounded pentagon of the same dark purple with a rampant manticore in its center. Below the rounded pentagon is inscribed the years “2007-2017” in gradient gold. For further information please reference BuComm Order 1701A.

2. Additionally, a special edition of the rounded pentagon branch of service patch has been developed. The patch is the traditional rounded pentagon; however the center is a deep purple gradient similar to that which appears on the Tenth Anniversary organizational logo. The patch features a rampant manticore at its center.

3. The Bureau of Supply, acting with the blessing of Admiralty House and the Uniform Development Board, has elected to produce, in limited quantities, these special edition patches.

4. Members may purchase from the Bureau of Supply the special edition Tenth Anniversary organizational logo patches and display them on items of their choosing. These could include, but are not limited to, polo shirts, backpacks, patch jackets, and similar non-canon or non-uniform items. When affixed to a polo shirt or similar item IAW Admiralty Order 1604-03 and 1604-04, display of the Tenth Anniversary organizational logo patch shall satisfy convention minimum requirements. There is no expiration on the use of this special edition logo patch when used in this fashion.

5. For the duration of 2017 (01JAN2017-31DEC2017) members of any branch of the Manticoran armed forces, as well as members of the allied services, are permitted to replace their unique branch patch with that of the special edition deep purple Tenth Anniversary rounded pentagon. This special authorization is in effect only for the time period specified, and those personnel that participate must revert back to their original, canon, branch insignia NLT 01JAN2018.

In Service to The Crown,

Issued by:
Sir Zachary White, KDE, MC, OG
Commodore, RMN
Deputy Seventh Space Lord, Bureau of Supply

By Direction:

Issued by:
Heidi Nelson, MC, SC, GS
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Seventh Space Lord, Bureau of Supply