BuShips Directive 1701-05

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BuShips Directive 1701-05 (also known as BuPers Directive 1701-01) was issued 12 January 2017 under the authority of the Third and Fifth Space Lords. This directive codifies the method and policy employed by BuShips and BuPers to process flagship declarations by authorized flag officers in accordance with Naval Directive 17JA-04.

Order Text

To: All Flag Officers within the Royal Manticoran, Grayson, Andermani, and Havenite Navies
From: RADM Sir Michael D. Garcia, KDE and RADM Lord Sir Kim Niemeyer, KDE
Re: Flagship Declaration Policy (BuShips Directive 1701-05/BuPers Directive 1701-01)


Pursuant to Naval Directive 17JA-04, issued by the First Space Lord on 05 January 2017, and Admiralty Order 1612-02, issued by the First Lord of the Admiralty on 14 December 2016, this joint policy is established in order to catalog and process information specific to said directive:

Directive 1701-05/01.01

Any embarked flag officer qualified under AO1612-02 and ND17JA-04 exercising their seniority in order to designate a vessel as his or her flagship, must notify the Bureau of Ships and the Bureau of Personnel, via email.

Directive 1701-05/01.02

The Bureau of Ships and the Bureau of Personnel shall act as joint custodians of this information for record-keeping purposes only.

Directive 1701-05/01.03

Neither the Bureau of Ships nor the Bureau of Personnel shall act, in any way, as arbiter of qualification. Flag officers in conflict of declaration shall be directed to the First Space Lord for resolution.

Directive 1701-05/01.04

Any flag officer failing to notify the Bureau of Ships and the Bureau of Personnel, may not have their claim formally recognized, and/or may be subject to a possible conflict.

Directive 1701-05/01.05

Flagships designated as such shall be posted at the TRMN Wiki (known colloquially as "Mantipedia"), on the subject vessel's page. If no page exists, a stub shall be created to house this information.

Questions or concerns regarding this policy can be directed to the Third and Fifth Space Lords.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen and Empress of the Star Empire of Manticore, Elizabeth III, this directive is jointly issued by:

Issued by:
Sir Michael D. Garcia, KDE, OC, SC, CGM, GS
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships
Issued by:
Lord Sir Kim Niemeyer, KDE, SC
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Fifth Space Lord, Bureau of Personnel
First Baron, Bahia Cadiz

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