BuShips Directive 1406-07

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BuShips Directive 1406-07 was issued 23 June 2014 under the authority of the Third Space Lord. It decommissions HMS Loki (CL-288).

Order Text

My fellow Members of the Grand Alliance,

It is my sad duty to report to you that as of 0001 Hours (EST) on June 23, 2014, it is my pleasure to announce the commissioning of HMS Loki, CL-288, under the command of Commander Kveta Tonova. This Apollo Class Light Cruiser was assigned to the Sixth Fleet, based in the Czech Republic.

The Loki was lost due to unknown causes and circumstances. However, due to the quick thinking and action on the part of her captain and crew, no crew members were lost and all were safely recovered from their life pods.

With ONE EXCEPTION, The crew is hereby reassigned to HMSS Greenwich to await reassignment based upon the needs of the Service. Commander Kveta Tonova you are hereby assigned to HMS Iwo Jima to perform duties as assigned by her Captain

In Service to Her Majesty, the Queen

" "
Issued by:
Admiral Lord Sir John Roberts KDE, SC
Third Space Lord

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