BuShips Directive 1305-03

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BuShips Directive 1305-03 was issued 3 May 2013 under the authority of the Third Space Lord. It commissions HMS Invincible (SD-455).

Order Text

Please note this is a few hours early, but I am not going to be near a computer until tomorrow morning: Part 3/4: My fellow Manticorans,

Effective as of 0001 Hours (EST) on May 3, 2013, it is my pleasure to announce the commissioning of HMS Invincible, SD-455, under the command of Captain (SG) Dame Elisa Randall, KCE. This is an Invictus Class Superdreadnought and is assigned to the Second Fleet, based in the Twin Cities area.

As of the date of Commissioning, the following personnel are assigned to HMS Invincible:

Command Crew:

Embarked Flag Officers:



Non-Commissioned Officers:

Enlisted Personnel:

  • Helmsman First Class Jamey Salsberg
  • Spacer First Class Pete Hartz
  • Spacer First Class Anton Petersen
  • Spacer Third Class Kathryn Nelson
  • Spacer Third Class Andrew Nelson
  • Spacer Third Class Amy Forslund
  • Spacer Third Class Michael Byrne
  • Spacer Third Class Stephanie Lindorff
  • Spacer Third Class Farah Dalmar
  • Spacer Third Class Randal Eckart
  • Spacer Third Class David Potter
  • Spacer Third Class Kimberly Grandprey
  • Spacer Third Class Matthew Hellendrung
  • Spacer Third Class Bruce Albrecht
  • Spacer Third Class Susan Danukos
  • Spacer Third Class Sally Duval

Marine Detachment:

  • Commanding Officer: General Greg Marchand
  • RMMC Staff Officer: Colonel John Debnam, ME
  • Senior NCO (Gunny), Master Sergeant Eric Lee
  • Senior Corpsman, Corpsman 3/c Jennifer Katzenberger

1st Platoon

  • Platoon CO: First Lieutenant Bryar Nelson

First Squad:

  • Staff Sergeant Kevin Muramatsu, Platoon Sr NCO/Squad Leader
  • Private Jesse Richards
  • Private Cincinnatus Vanderbales
  • Private Stephen Katzenberger

Second Squad:

  • Corporal Patrick Baker, Squad Leader
  • Private Michael Englehorn
  • Private Greg Grandprey

2nd Platoon

  • Platoon CO: Second Lieutenant Sonja Wolf

First Squad:

  • Sergeant Mark Burge, Platoon Sr NCO/Squad Leader
  • Lance Corporal Anjila Olsen
  • Private Jody Wurl

Second Squad:

  • Corporal Daniel Van Liere, Squad Leader
  • Private Neal Axton
  • Private Scotty Roberts


  • Christina Neitz
  • Elliot Schield
  • Elizabeth Neitz
  • Dominic Doody

The following personnel are breveted in rank as indicated below

  • Elisa Randall to Captain Senior Grade
  • Heidi Nelson to Chief Petty Officer
  • Lauri McCloud to Petty Officer Second Class
  • Anton Peterson to Spacer First Class

HMS Invincible, BC-416, is hereby retired and decommissioned.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Queen

" "
Issued by:
Admiral Lord Sir John Roberts KDE, SC
Third Space Lord

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