Admiralty Order 1310-01

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Admiralty Order 1310-01 was issued October 12, 2013 by the First Lord of the Admiralty. It appoints a new Director of Membership Processing for The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc..

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Marine Corps and Army
From: Martin Lessem, GCE, KCR, GS, First Lord of the Admiralty, Admiral of the Fleet, Duke, New Scania
Re: Director of Membership Processing (Admiralty Order 1310-01)

It is my pleasure to appoint Stephanie Taylor to the role of Director of Membership Processing. This is effective immediately. We thank the previous incumbent, Charles Shananaquet, who is stepping down to focus on his real world education.

The Director of Membership Processing it directed to immediately begin work to streamline the back-end of membership processing and setting up a Help Desk to solve problems.

Due to the nature of this work, the Director of Membership Processing is promoted to the rank of Captain J.G.

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Issued by:
Martin Lessem, GCE, KCR, GS
Admiral of the Fleet RMN
First Lord of the Admiralty
First Duke, New Scania


Though not explicitly stated in the text, this order effectively supersedes Admiralty Order 1209-04.

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