Home Office Directive 005-22

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Home Office Directive 005-22 was issued 23 January 2022 (and backdated to 1 January 2022) by the Director of the Special Intelligence Service.

Order Text

To: To all Civilian Departments, and all members of the Grand Alliance
From: Max Cameron, GCE, SC, DGC, OR, OGL, OG, PC , CIVIL (INTEL), Director of Intelligence
Re: Home Office Directive 005-22: Updated ranks and Forms of Address for SIS members

To help ensure a distinct unifying flavor for our members of the Special Intelligence Service, the following rank titles and forms of address shall used henceforth:

C-22 Director of Intelligence Director DI
C-21 Deputy Director of Intelligence Deputy Director DDI
C-20 Case Manager Manager CM
C-19 Handler Handler HAN
C-18 Consulate Intelligence Liaison Liaison LIA
C-17 Quadrant Controller Controller QC
C-16 Deputy Quadrant Controller Deputy Controller DQC
C-15 Cryptologist Cryptologist CRY
C-14 Sector Superintendent Superintendent SSU
C-13 Deputy Sector Superintendent Deputy Superintendent DSSU
C-12 Zone Inspector Inspector ZI
C-11 Deputy Zone Inspector Deputy Inspector DZI
C-10 Foreign Language Advisor Advisor AD
C-9 Learning Development Specialist Specialist LD
C-8 Senior Special Agent Agent SSA
C-7 Special Agent Agent SA
C-6 Probationary Special Agent Agent PSA
C-5 Station Supervisor Supervisor SUP
C-4 Deputy Station Supervisor Deputy Supervisor DSUP
C-3 Senior Analyst Analyst SAN
C-2 Analyst Analyst AN
C-1 Informant Informant IN

This order is backdated, effective 1 Jan 2022

Issued by:
Max Cameron, GCE, SC, DGC, OR, OG, PC
Director, SIS

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This Directive updates the rank titles for Intelligence Corps personnel in Admiralty Order 1612-05

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