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Parliament of TRMN (RMN 0-2)

Welcome to the Parliament of TRMN Handbook!

This wiki has been set up in parallel to the downloadable version of the manual that is available from the Bureau of Supply store.

Houses of Parliament

Logo of the Star Empire of Manticore Parliament

The The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., has, since its founding in February of 2007, been run by the Royal Council. These individuals have made decisions for the organization as a whole, and their respective branches specifically. Very often, the reasons behind these decisions have not been as clear the membership would like. To help alleviate this, the Royal Council has decided to officially create a bicameral Parliament, modeled after the ones in the Honorverse. These Houses of Parliament will have the opportunity to suggest new policies for TRMN, within certain confines, which this manual will cover. Briefly, here are the two houses.


  1. House of Commons
  2. House of Lords
  3. Political Parties of Parliament


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