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This page describes one of Mantipedia's policies and guidelines.

Please read through the policy below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please post them on the talk page.

Honor Harrington, the Honorverse, The Royal Manticoran Navy, The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, The Royal Manticoran Army, The Grayson Space Navy, The Imperial Andermani Navy, The Republic of Haven Navy, The Sphinxian Forestry Service, The Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine, The Astro Control Services, Saganami Island Academy and other references to the works of David Weber or Final Sword Productions are used here under fair SSE laws and licensing terms. David Weber holds the copyright to all things related to the Honorverse and as such can at any time demand a change in this documentation, should it violate the fair SSE laws or the terms of the licensing agreement between The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc and Words of Weber.


TRMN Wiki content

Important: The content of this website does NOT apply to the original works and trademarked names! The Honorverse titles and associated names are the sole property of David Weber.

All other content not covered by the above copyrights and that are created specifically for the operation, maintenance, and guidance for members of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. in organizational policy are copyrighted by The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. with all rights reserved.

Images and other media

Files that are used on the TRMN Wiki remain the property of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. and may not be used on other sites without express written consent of this organization.

See: File use policy

Using copyrighted work from others

If you use part of a copyrighted work under "fair use," or if you obtain special permission to use a copyrighted work from the copyright holder under the terms of our license, you must make a note of that fact (along with names and dates).

If you find a copyright infringement

It is the job of rank-and-file members of the TRMN Wiki to police every article for possible copyright infringement. Editors should always bring up the issue in the article's talk page. Others can then examine the situation and take action if needed. The most helpful piece of information you can provide is a URL or other reference to what you believe may be the source of the text.

Some cases will be false alarms. For example, if the contributor was in fact the author of the text that is published elsewhere under different terms, that does not affect their right to post it here under the Creative Commons License.

If some of the content of a page really is an infringement, then the infringing content should be removed, and a note to that effect should be made on the comments page, along with the original source. If the author's permission is obtained later, the text can be restored.

If all of the content of a page is a suspected copyright infringement, then the page should be discussed on in the TRMN Wiki Team Group on Facebook.

In extreme cases of contributors continuing to post copyrighted material after appropriate warnings, such users may be blocked from editing to protect the project.

Belief of copyright infringement

The TRMN Wiki requests that in the case that the owner or owners of a copyrighted work feel that their work is being illegally infringed upon, they provide a full list of all items which they believe are infringing, along with the reasoning behind the belief that those items are infringing to the TRMN Wiki's Wikimaster. In addition, please provide the name of a person, along with their mailing address and e-mail address, for a reply or follow-up letters.