San Martino Fleet Order 1806-01

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San Martino Fleet Order 1806-01 was issued 01 June 2018 by RADM Sir Michael Romero. This order is regarding announcements as his first day as Fleet Commanding Officer.

Order Text

To: All Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians in Third Fleet
From: Rear Admiral of the Red Sir Michael Romero, OC, KR, SC, OG, RMN
Re: First Day Announcements (San Martino Fleet Order 1806-01)


After already having served in this capacity for some time, Captain Christopher Bayonet is hereby appointed Fleet Tactical Officer. As such, he is empowered to encourage participation in games and activities that Third Fleet members can use to earn Marksmanship Awards, make monthly announcements of these awards issued under the Fleet Commander’s authority, and is charged with being on hand to answer any questions or concerns our members might have with the process. In addition, Captain Bayonet will be using his position with Virginia Blood Services to facilitate the donation of blood, platelets, plasma, etc. at conventions in our area and in other times of pressing need. Welcome to the madness, Captain!


Starting in 2014, Third Fleet members established the San Martino Cup. Initially, this was a reading challenge that encouraged friendly competition between chapters and involved nearly 75% of our members at its height. The San Martino Cup helped to inspire the Gunnery Challenge of the Black Sphinx Cup, thus allowing chapters to compete with others throughout the organization. HMS Interloper won the first San Martino Cup in 2014, followed by the HMS Saladin in 2015. Given the popularity of these initial challenges and their affect on future events, I find it fitting that these crews receive the recognition appropriate to the current challenges. Therefore, by my authority as Commanding Officer of Third Fleet, the Fleet Excellence Award in Gold is hereby awarded to the crew of HMS Interloper present in 2014, and to the crew of HMS Saladin present in 2015. Congratulations, and thank you for helping get these programs started off strongly!


Chief Petty Officer Winter Guite joined TRMN in 2016, following a wealth of experience in various other costuming groups. Almost immediately, Chief Guite showed very enthusiastic interest in putting together an approved TRMN uniform. Not only did he review and follow materials such as the TRMN Uniform Manual, but he prepared a step-by-step tutorial on how other members could produce a set of RMN Working Coveralls, with plans to do the same for other levels of dress. Not only did his initiative and great attention to detail show credit to himself, but it also served to show other members new to TRMN that they can produce a uniform with relative ease. Given that much of Chief Guite’s work took place as a Spacer Third Class, his initiative is especially praiseworthy. As such, by my authority as Commanding Officer of Third Fleet, Chief Petty Officer Winter Guite is hereby awarded the Queen’s Bravery Medal. Congratulations, and keep up the phenomenal work!


On April 20-22, 2018 JordanCon was held in Atlanta, Georgia. The event celebrates the 'Wheel of Time' fantasy series by Robert Jordan, among others. Guests at this year's event included Jason Denzel and Stephanie Law. JordanCon 2018 was declared an Admiralty House event under the auspices of the Fourth Space Lord to promote participation by TRMN personnel. In recognition of their contributions to this event, by my authority as Commanding Officer of Third Fleet, Rear Admiral Dave Weiner, Captain JG Carolyn Crutchfield and Commander Stephen Schonewolf are hereby awarded the Havenite War Campaign Medal and likewise awarded the Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal in acknowledgement of arduous travel undertaken to reach the event. Congratulations, and thank you for helping to show the flag!

Issued by:
Michael Romero, OC, KR, SC, OG
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer
Third Fleet (San Martino)


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