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The Monarch's Own Regiment is the elite royal guard regiment of the Royal Manticoran Army (RMA). The regiment is commonly called either "Queen's Own" or "King's Own" depending on the gender of the reigning sovereign. During the time of the Honor Harrington stories, the reigning monarch was Queen Elizabeth III, so it was called the Queen's Own during this period.

In The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN), membership in the Monarch's Own serves as an honor society for RMA members.

Regimental Organization

In canon, the regiment is made up of four battalions, one for each of the three original planets of the Star Kingdom, plus a training battalion:

Chinati Ridge Raiders

Shoulder patch of the Copper Walls Battalion.

Copper Walls Battalion

The Copper Walls Battalion was the Sphinxian unit, and is named after the Copper Walls mountain range on the planet Sphinx.[1] [2]

Falcons End Rangers

The Falcon's End Rangers represented the planet Gryphon and wore a shoulder patch with a griffin's head.[3]

Bordeaux Battalion

The Bordeaux Battalion was a battalion of the Monarch's Own.[4]

School Battalion

The School Battalion's functions are to provide for the regiment's own training requirements, and also to provide elite "op forces" for the Army's (and Marines') training commands.[5]


Beret of the Queen's Own Regiment

Monarch's Own uniforms have scarlet colored berets and facings, distinguishing them from the green berets and blue facings of other RMA units. Additionally, the beret badge has the crowned cypher of the reigning monarch, EIIIW in the case of Elizabeth III Winton.

The Monarch's Own in TRMN

In TRMN, the Monarch's Own (MO) serves as a way to honor RMA members for outstanding service to the organization. New appointments to the Queen's Own are announced annually, and MO membership is capped at no more than 10% of the total RMA membership. The Royal Manticoran Navy equivalent is HMS Unconquered.

Additionally, deceased RMA members may be added to the rolls of the Monarch's own as way to remember an honor those who have died.[6] In this way, the Monarch's Won serves in a manner similar to HMS Valhalla in the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Soldiers who are inducted into the Monarch's Own have the option to wear the distinctive uniform of the regiment, including the scarlet beret.[7]

List of TRMN Monarch's Own Members

Regimental Command Staff


Posthumous Honorary Members

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