Eighth Fleet Order 1911-C

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Eighth Fleet Order 1911-C was issued 24 November 2019 by the Commander, Eighth Fleet.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in Eighth Fleet, The Royal Manticoran Navy
From: Robert Bulkeley, Jr., ADM, Commander, Eighth Fleet
Re: Eighth Fleet Patches on Uniforms • Eighth Fleet Order 1911-C

  1. Eighth Fleet Order 1704-04 is rescinded as of this order.
  2. ND17APR-05, as it pertains to Eighth Fleet, permits the Commander, Deputy, and Bosun to wear the Eighth Fleet patch on their uniform. There is no restriction to this grant. These individuals may wear the Eighth Fleet patch, regardless of other "hats" that they wear within the fleet.
  3. LACs that operate within Eighth Fleet will wear the patch of their mothership if it is a CLAC. If their mothership is of any other type, LAC crews will wear the Eighth Fleet Patch.
  4. Any member working in an Eighth Fleet Staff position, including those working under Fleet Staff Officers, are permitted to wear the Eighth Fleet patch. They are not required to wear the Eighth Fleet patch on their uniform, but this order grants the option to do so.
  5. Dayjackets, since they are informal TRMN wear, are permitted to have the Eighth Fleet patch by any member of TRMN.
Issued by:
Robert Bulkeley Jr, KSK, SC, DSO, CGM
Admiral of the Green, RMN
Eighth Fleet, Commanding
Duke, Mountain View

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