Eighth Fleet Order 1709-02

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Eighth Fleet Order 1709-02 was issued 7 September 2017 by the Commander, Eighth Fleet.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in Eighth Fleet, The Royal Manticoran Navy
From: J. Eddy Roberts, Rear Admiral, Commander, Eighth Fleet
Re: 8th Fleet Award Announcements - Bubonicon • Eighth Fleet Order 1709-02

It has come to my attention that a name was left off of the initial award list contained in Fleet Order 1709-01.

Petty Office 3/c David Reustle went significantly above and beyond in making the TRMN Room Party a major success. Accordingly, he is awarded the Queen's Bravery Medal, with all accompanying rights and privileges, including the postnominal QBM.

David Reustle
David served as a bar back for the room party on Friday and Saturday, making sure we had plenty of ice and other supplies for the parties so that we could focus on tending the bar, making sure the guests were safe and responsible, and ensuring that we spread the word about the RMN. Over the course of the time he was at the con, he provided service for a total of approximately 20 hours, including set up and tear down. His service included: regular (and frequent) ice runs, getting spare supplies from the closet for the bar, and running to the store for additional juice to use as mixers at the bar. David's willingness to step up and assist the room party in any way he could made sure the party and entire presence at the convention was a success and reflects positively on the HMS Anasazi, 8th Fleet, and the TRMN as a whole.

These awards authorized and ordered by my hand on the 7th Day of September 2017

Issued by:
J. Eddy Roberts, MC, SC, CBM
Rear Admiral, RMN
Eighth Fleet, Commanding

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