Eighth Fleet Order 1708-03

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Eighth Fleet Order 1708-03 was issued 18 August 2017 by the Commander, Eighth Fleet.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in Eighth Fleet, The Royal Manticoran Navy
From: J. Eddy Roberts, Rear Admiral, Commander, Eighth Fleet
Re: Midshipman Dimas' Birthday • Eighth Fleet Order 1708-03

Captain White Lion, please place HMS Implacable at the heart of the Fleet formation

8th Fleet and supporting units, please render honors in celebration of Midshipman Dimas' 10th Birthday!

That is all.

For the Queen!

Issued by:
J. Eddy Roberts, MC, SC, CBM
Rear Admiral, RMN
Eighth Fleet, Commanding


  • Eighth Fleet Order 1708-03 was originally published on the forums as Fleet Order 1708-01, however, this numbering conflicts with the existing Eighth Fleet Order 1708-01. Based on the date it was published to the forums, it has been recorded as Eighth Fleet Order 1708-03 instead.

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