BuShips Directive 1804-02

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BuShips Directive 1804-02 was issued 24 April 2018 under the authority of the Third Space Lord. This directive decommissions HMS Reliant (BC-401).

Order Text

To: CAPTJG Michael J. Simmons, RMN
From: RADM Sir Michael Garcia, GCE, RMN, Third Space Lord
Re: Decommissioning of HMS Reliant (BC-401) (BuShips Directive 1804-02)

Captain Simmons:

Effective 0001 on 24 April 2018, Battlecruiser Hull Number 401, known as Her Majesty’s Ship Reliant, is to immediately stand down all present assignments and/or missions, and subsequently ordered to return to HMSS Greenwich for her decommissioning and crew transfers.

Upon arrival, you and your crew shall make Reliant ready in all respects for decommissioning; strike eight bells, haul down the colors, and secure the watch.

You are further ordered to relinquish command of BC-401 to the Bureau of Ships in the person of CDR Stephen Schonewolf, RMN, who shall hold temporary command for the duration of her transfer to Manticore for processing and inspection.

The following crew members are hereby transferred to HMSS Greenwich (SS-001):

  • CAPTJG Michael Simmons, RMN (RMN-3522-16)
  • CDR Thom Shartle, RMN (RMN-0627-12)
  • LTSG Michael Lythgoe , RMN (RMN-4060-16)
  • LTJG Sky Meyers-Forby, RMN (RMN-4067-16)
  • ENS Benjamin Boardwell, RMN (RMN-4058-16)
  • CPO Joseph (Chuck) Daly, RMN (RMN-1680-15)
  • PO2 Richard Clark, RMN (RMN-0699-12)
  • S1C Allan Erickson, RMN (RMN-4155-16)
  • S1C Robin Lagro, RMN (RMN-3473-15)
  • S2C Andrew Arminio, RMN (RMN-4135-16)
  • S2C Zachary Boardwell, RMN (RMN-4233-16)
  • S2C Joelle Briskin, RMN (RMN-4530-17)
  • S2C Zach Brooks, RMN (RMN-4532-17)
  • S2C Raymond Bruels, RMN (RMN-4531-17)
  • S2C Kendal Campbell, RMN (RMN-4175-16)
  • S2C Jonathan Catbagan, RMN (RMN-4430-17)
  • S2C Rick Chatwell, RMN (RMN-4550-17)
  • S2C Michelle Clements, RMN (RMN-4123-16)
  • S2C Nathan Cook, RMN (RMN-4555-17)
  • S2C Scott Crosson, RMN (RMN-4410-17)
  • S2C Gen Dawson, RMN (RMN-4121-16)
  • S2C Lyndsey DeFeo, RMN (RMN-4581-17)
  • S2C Ed Doolittle, RMN (RMN-4059-16)
  • S2C Nikki Ebright, RMN (RMN-4351-17)
  • S2C Benjamin Fannon, RMN (RMN-4259-16)
  • S2C David Forby, RMN (RMN-4139-16)
  • S2C Ali Garrison, RMN (RMN-4262-16)
  • S2C Shawn Gore, RMN (RMN-4479-17)
  • S2C Craig Henson, RMN (RMN-4178-16)
  • S2C Emily Hildenbrandt, RMN (RMN-4119-16)
  • S2C Andy Hopp, RMN (RMN-4179-16)
  • S2C Heather Hopp, RMN (RMN-4180-16)
  • S2C Revae Jones, RMN (RMN-4223-16)
  • S2C Lee Kamberos, RMN (RMN-4143-16)
  • S2C Joseph Keenan, RMN (RMN-4154-16)
  • S2C Brian Keller, RMN (RMN-4153-16)
  • S2C Jesse Kimball-Ely, RMN (RMN-4520-17)
  • S2C Jennifer Kozak, RMN (RMN-4184-16)
  • S2C Josh Mahler, RMN (RMN-4717-17)
  • S2C Micah McDonald, RMN (RMN-4363-17)
  • S2C Natasha Nadeau, RMN (RMN-4218-16)
  • S2C Jessica Notkin, RMN (RMN-4480-17)
  • S2C Nathan Oman, RMN (RMN-4114-16)
  • S2C Elle Owls, RMN (RMN-4185-16)
  • S2C BK Reaver, RMN (RMN-4265-16)
  • S2C Wendelyn Reischl, RMN (RMN-4405-17)
  • S2C Marcos Saiz, RMN (RMN-4553-17)
  • S2C Samantha Seabolt, RMN (RMN-1950-15)
  • S2C Sarah Shiley, RMN (RMN-4526-17)
  • S2C Janet Shook, RMN (RMN-4318-17)
  • S2C Landon Spearman, RMN (RMN-4720-17)
  • S2C Caleb Steinkamp, RMN (RMN-1322-13)
  • S2C Katherine Strasser, RMN (RMN-4130-16)
  • S2C Anthony Tanner, RMN (RMN-4539-17)
  • S2C William Van Ark, RMN (RMN-4723-17)
  • S2C Laurel Van Driest, RMN (RMN-1119-15)
  • S2C Phil Van der Laan, RMN (RMN-2565-15)
  • S2C Tara Wicklund, RMN (RMN-4482-17)
  • S2C Donald Wilson, RMN (RMN-4484-17)
  • S2C Dan Wong, RMN (RMN-4128-16)
  • S1C Alexander Chemanaev, RMN (RMN-4527-17)
  • S1C Chris Coster, RMN (RMN-4852-17)
  • S1C Ellen Garrett, RMN (RMN-4478-17)
  • S1C Jeremy Green, RMN (RMN-4829-17)
  • S1C Robert Hojaboom, RMN (RMN-4833-17)
  • S1C Matt Meyer, RMN (RMN-4544-17)
  • S1C Samantha Sturts, RMN (RMN-4914-17)
  • S1C Eniko Sturts, RMN (RMN-4919-17)
  • [[C1[[ Trace Moriarty, INTEL (RMN-4808-17)
  • C1 Ryder Hicks, SFS (RMN-3469-15)

The following crew members are hereby transferred to London Point:

  • 1LT Dan Spence, RMMC (RMN-1784-14)
  • PSGT Jerry Spaulding, RMMC (RMN-2733-16)
  • LCPL Robert Kelly, RMMC (RMN-4064-16)
  • PFC Alyssa Berg, RMMC (RMN-4274-16)
  • PFC John Brown, RMMC (RMN-4541-17)
  • PFC Katie Craver, RMMC (RMN-4122-16)
  • PFC Paige Dersham, RMMC (RMN-4542-17)
  • PFC C K, RMMC (RMN-4264-16)
  • PFC Ben Keeler, RMMC (RMN-4131-16)
  • PFC Nola Kucsera, RMMC (RMN-4260-16)
  • PFC Beth Mills, RMMC (RMN-3411-15)
  • PFC Colby Niehaus, RMMC (RMN-4406-17)
  • PFC Peter Pound, RMMC (RMN-0040-10)
  • PFC Bob Sheets, RMMC (RMN-4554-17)
  • PFC Seth Vannier, RMMC (RMN-4289-17)
  • PFC Marc Wilhite, RMMC (RMN-4525-17)
  • PFC Cory Williamsen, RMMC (RMN-4540-17)
  • PVT Raymond Perez, RMMC (RMN-4729-17)
  • C1 Ryder Spence, SFS (RMN-3449-15)

The following crew members are hereby transferred to GNSS Katherine Mayhew (SS-002):

  • S2C Susan DeHaan, GSN (RMN-4246-16)
  • S2C Kim Morris, GSN (RMN-4240-16)
  • S2C Priscilla Rutledge, GSN (RMN-4142-16)
  • S2C David Waters, GSN (RMN-4241-16)
  • S2C William Watson, GSN (RMN-4057-16)
  • S2C Walter Wicklund, GSN (RMN-4483-17)

Upon her successful transfer to Manticore, HMS Reliant (BC-401) is scheduled to be transferred to the Active Fleet Reserves, following inspection and any repairs deemed necessary. This vessel shall be made available for recommissioning at a later date.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Elizabeth III,

Issued by:
Michael D. Garcia, GCE, OC, KR, SC, CGM, GS
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships



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