BuPers Directive 1805-03

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BuPers Directive 1804-02 was issued on 14 April 2018 by the Fifth Space Lord. This directive assigns the BuPers Yeoman.

Order Text

To: All of Her Imperial Majesties Armed Forces, Allied Armed Forces, and Civil Government Branches Thereto Attached
From: Kim A. Niemeyer, KSK, KDE, SC, QBM

Rear Admiral of the Red RMN Fifth Space Lord (Bureau of Personnel) Baron, Bahia Cadiz

Re: Bureau of Personnel Directive 1805-03 Transfer Orders IRT Dame Theresa Hindle, Captain (JG), RMN, RMN-1224-16

Captain Dame Theresa Hindle:

You are hereby ordered to report to the Bureau of Personnel (BuPers), Admiralty House, Landing, Manticore with all undue haste to take up your newly assigned duties as Yeoman for the Bureau of Personnel (BuPers). You are to report to the BuPers Chief of Staff, Captain (JG) David Misener and receive further instructions and training. Failure to do so will incur the full weight of the Articles of War.



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