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Grand Alliance Marksmanship Handbook (TRMN 0-12)

Welcome to the Grand Alliance Marksmanship Handbook!

This wiki has been set up in parallel to the downloadable version of the manual that is available from the Bureau of Supply store.


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The Marksmanship Program of The Royal Manticoran Navy (TRMN) and its divisions is not a literal marksmanship training system. Rather, it is a system designed to encourage members of TRMN from any part of the organization to spend time together playing games and having fun. The marksmanship program supersedes the previous marksmanship programs from the various divisions of TRMN with a single, unified system that is scored and recorded the same way, regardless of which part of TRMN a member belongs to. This keeps the award certificates and promotion points earned through marksmanship fair and equitable, no matter a member’s individual interests.

The new program expands on the old program in several ways. It offers more categories to qualify in, counts hours instead of games, and does away with the “list” so that any game can be applied to the marksmanship program for TRMN members to enjoy. The additional categories in the new marksmanship program are designed to give any game a place to fit within TRMN so that the program appeals to more than just the wargamers among us. In addition, since each marksmanship level is worth promotion points, it gives opportunities for non-wargamers to earn promotion points through marksmanship as well as simply adding more opportunities to earn promotion points through gaming.


  1. Welcome from the Admiral of the Fleet
  2. Marksmanship Terminology
  3. Earning Marksmanship Levels
  4. Recording Marksmanship
  5. Calculating Marksmanship Credits
  6. Marksmanship Categories
  7. Game Taxonomy Questionnaire
  8. Game Taxonomy Flow Chart
  9. Converting Old Marksmanship System to New


Written by:

  • Admiral of the Fleet Sir Martin Lessem, KSK, GCR, GCE, SC, DSO, CGM, GS, QBM, RMN
  • Marshall of the Army Sir Peter J. Gordon, KSK, ME, MM, CGM, RMA
  • Colonel Jeffrey Webb, RMA

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Marksmanship Manual downloadable pdf at trmn.org


Admiralty Order 1803-03